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  1. 0 DICE: 33,571,952,928 placed by Rigster on 02/01/2021 Wagered 4.40000000 Multiplier 0x Profit -4.40000000 1 DICE: 33,572,081,112 placed by Rigster on 02/01/2021 Wagered 4.40000000 Multiplier 0x Profit -4.40000000 2 DICE: 33,571,399,176 placed by Rigster on 02/01/2021 Wagered 4.40000000
  2. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rigster <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< pls (yellow)
  3. Prefer new rewards much more, also liked it when the mega race coupon was for top 50 people Not really a big fan of races but can't really think of any suggestions apart from perhaps: Problem: I'm sure some of the huge high rollers, wagering 200 btc etc, probably won't even notice or be trying to compete for 12.5% of $1000/$5000, but you don't exclude your best customers. Solution: Add a button to enter the race, maybe not all races, but mega race seems reasonable, if a whale really does want to compete, all they have to do is click 1 button
  4. "message": "Numbers.0.amount must be above 0.", "errorType": "numberGreater" Doesn't seem possible even with API You been place a bet of e.g. 0 btc right? Would these be better as like a web app or something you download?
  5. It'd only cost something like under $0.001 per captcha to be solved so it'd defiantly be doable but I don't think it's allowed. Limbo would be easy enough
  6. First 2 aren't really slots but are under the slots section but yea, 0.63 is v good too
  7. Edge: 0.63, Name: Fluffy Rangers Edge: 1, Name: Mega Joker Edge: 1.1, Name: Jackpot 6000 Edge: 1.37, Name: 1429 Uncharted Seas Edge: 1.6, Name: Jacks or Better Double Up Edge: 1.79, Name: Fenghuang Edge: 1.82, Name: Jack in a pot Edge: 1.82, Name: Pumpkin Patch Edge: 1.84, Name: Sparta Edge: 1.87, Name: Jump! Edge: 1.88, Name: Hot Hot Halloween Edge: 1.88, Name: Marching Legions Edge: 1.88, Name: Ways of Fortune Edge: 1.89, Name: Wizards Want War Edge: 1.9, Name: 5 Mariachis Edge: 1.9, Name: Gold Rush Edge: 1.91, Name: Arcane Elements Edge: 1.92, Name: Santa's
  8. Pretty bored - suggest a Stake related bot/tool and I'll try make it
  9. SLOTS: 33,228,379,007 placed by Rigster on 27/12/2020 Wagered 0.08800000 Multiplier 120.95x Profit 10.55560000
  10. Is that for your plat daily/hourly/10 minutely reload? If so - as I said, it considers profit/loss too
  11. You will get: I believe bonus will be $200 Daily bonus relies on last 7 days wager + losses Weekly bonus base is now $10
  12. No they will have no effect From my understanding: - but could be slightly wrong Daily: base for vip level + % of wager last 7 days + profit/loss considered Weekly: base for vip level + % of wager last 7 days Monthly: base for vip level + % of wager since last monthly
  13. Despite the 4.6% house edge, I usually go all in on mega ball to either bust quickly or get a nice balance to do challenges with since that's how all my rebuilds started
  14. This was done on a Russian VPN to try and maximise slot availability - but it likely wont include all. This was done using the API, 1 issue ran into was when offsetting over ~ 1050 I got this error but this worked around by offsetting up to 1000 when sorted on asc and desc then merging. You will notice there are some slots with insanely high house edges - these are generally all by the provider Belatra and the games aren't even close to being fun. You will also notice there are some slots with 0% edge, this is very likely a mistake - probably just forgot to add it or the edge is unkno
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