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  1. Pretty terrible, already lost more than I've lost all 2019
  2. Yeah, some do actually get quite difficult and far from reach, but you gotta understand this practically costs nothing and if you get lucky you get a nice reward for it!
  3. Won the $10 prize, thank you!
  4. TONI777

    Discord Giveaways

    I am eligible for exclusive giveaways! toni#1418
  5. TONI777

    Its not that easy

    Try not changing the seed, because you're more due for a 3300x if you don't change a seed for a while
  6. I just go full degen animations off instant bet, betting 2-3% of my balance and hoping not to get fucked by a ton of reds lol
  7. I'd throw them all on keno and hope for a nice 3 number hit lol
  8. It can be the best and the worst. I'd never recommend going all in though, it's more often than not ending in dissappointment
  9. I am waiting on the new slots, hopefully they come out with something good!
  10. My base bet is 500 satoshi or 50000 ethoshi, and no increase on loss!
  11. Not sure how they work, I'm just about to unlock mine today lol
  12. I have 4 sets of 3 numbers each which I change every time i hit a high risk win (81.50x) What is your favorite Keno strategy?
  13. I saw a few 5 digit multipliers too, pretty crazy stuff
  14. Betting on this is a thing? LOL