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  1. DOT and ADA fees are next to 0 fyi Also there's a TRC-20 USDT, which would solve the issue for that too. I think all 3 would be great addons.
  2. ToniLXIX Best of luck to everyone! Puno srece svima! ❤️
  3. ToniLXIX Blue Sretno svima! 😀
  4. Right so, I started gambling around a year and a half ago (August 13th, 2018, the day I turned 18) and I can say gambling has taken a pretty big part of my life ever since. At times I'd play extremely reckless and I'd often find myself taking out loans from people and being in debt because I was just too uncontrollable at the time. I've tried my best to quit gambling by occupying myself with different types of activities that also involved money (that was the thrill for me, being able to win money to buy myself food or treat myself for a day or 2), but I always find myself coming bac
  5. My family doesnt know that I gamble, but my friends do and I gamble with them together a lot actually. We usually have loads of fun and if we win some money that's just extra
  6. Yeah of course, I'll still do land-base gambling every now and again!
  7. Usually I'd spend 2-3 hours a day on various casinos/gambling websites, but since the corona outbreak, I've been at home all day and sometimes I find myself sitting on Stake all day every day! Idk how healthy that is, but there isn't much else I can do lol
  8. Not at all! I only gamble extra money I have and never went as far as gambling my entire paychecks to pay anything in real life. I only see gambling as a way to have fun.
  9. I started gambling on August 13th 2018, the day I turned 18! Haven't had the best experience yet, but I hope I get one of those sick wins soon enough haha
  10. Great post man, I've experienced loads of these side effects and I'm glad there's someone to spread awareness about this. I can not stress this enough: ONLY GAMBLE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!
  11. I usually gamble whenever I feel like it, but I often go overboard and gamble what I can't afford to lose. The thrill always gets me and I just can't control myself lol
  12. Ether definitely takes the spot for me!
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