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  1. ToniLXIX Best of luck y'all Steve
  2. DOT and ADA fees are next to 0 fyi Also there's a TRC-20 USDT, which would solve the issue for that too. I think all 3 would be great addons.
  3. ToniLXIX Best of luck to everyone! Puno srece svima! ❤️
  4. ToniLXIX Blue Sretno svima! 😀
  5. Right so, I started gambling around a year and a half ago (August 13th, 2018, the day I turned 18) and I can say gambling has taken a pretty big part of my life ever since. At times I'd play extremely reckless and I'd often find myself taking out loans from people and being in debt because I was just too uncontrollable at the time. I've tried my best to quit gambling by occupying myself with different types of activities that also involved money (that was the thrill for me, being able to win money to buy myself food or treat myself for a day or 2), but I always find myself coming back and losing more time, money and patience! Luckily, I've found myself gambling with smaller amounts as of lately and not doing as many "degen" bets as I used to, for better or worse. How do you cope with gambling "addiction"; and do you think you gamble too much? (refering to both time and money)
  6. Yeah of course, I'll still do land-base gambling every now and again!
  7. Looks good, will try it out if I build up some balance from reloads
  8. Thank you for letting me know about this actually! I play loads of blackjack so information like this definitely helps
  9. I just go full degen animations off instant bet, betting 2-3% of my balance and hoping not to get fucked by a ton of reds lol
  10. Never played in a real casino before, might on my next birthday though!
  11. I took around $150 in total and paid it all back.
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