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  1. Every time I want to login into my account it shows invalid session. Can anyone tell me what is the solution of it and how can I access into my stake account.
  2. I would like to say if anyone want to invest their coins Binance could be the best platform for them. Binance is the only exchange which has the modern trading plat form. You will get the test of trading into binance. Binance is world wide supported and no kyc is needed for depositing, withdrawing and for trading as well. So there is no problem you will face in Binance.
  3. There are so many crypto wallet I can see which are equally good. I can use offline and online wallet for my security purposes, But you can use some usefull and trusted online wallet which are safe actually. Coinbase, uphold, metamask, mew these are good wallet for your btc and your others crypto for as wallets.
  4. Recently I found a multi coin wallet which support more crypto in a single wallet. I studied a lot about this wallet and I surprised because it's very good online wallet as well. Many people already using it and it is very trusted wallet. More over it's paying interest for your coins as well. It's uphold wallet. If you have any question about uphold then please try in once, you will get how the wallet is actually.
  5. Excellent attempt. Nice sharing I appreciate with your attempt. Keep sharing like this kind of earnings for us that we can earn something. I will try it surely and hope so it will work on my browser. All the comments are positive here so that I can apply mu self involvement here.
  6. There are some coins where I already invested my fund. My coins are at this moment Ae, Xlm, Oax, Grs, Mln, Bat, Doge, Npxs,Celr. These are coins where I made some investment. They all are under value now and I am huge loss situation at this moment. But I am hoping that in future the coins will surely come back strongly and give me some returns with great profit.
  7. I think there are some altcoin where we can invest. From my observation and analysis I listed some coins. They are: 1. BAT COIN 2. KNC COIN 3. AE COIN 4. GRS COIN 5. MLN COIN 6. OAX COIN 7. XLM COIN These coins are good actually for investment. Their project is food as far I know. I studied about their projects and I believe they can give us good profit in future and we have to show patient. This is not any suggestion it's my opinion only. You should invest yourself.
  8. Wheel and dice are my favourite game. I feel comfortable on wheel and dice. Both are equally good and easy. Dice is always fifty/fifty and there is less chance to win. But in wheel there is more chance to win. it's not like fifty/fifty and there may you can apply your strategy as well. So I preferred wheel and dice but wheel is more than dice.
  9. There are so many crypto wallet you will get in online. Offline crypto is better than online wallet. Though I am using some online wallet I will write about them. 1. Coinbase is good for online wallet. 2. After the you can use uphold wallet as your crypto wallet. 3. blockchain wallet is also good. 4. for erc 20 token you can use my ether wallet or metamask wallet. they all are equally good. I never find any difficulty on them.
  10. There are some altcoins are listed in my balance. They are grs, oax, xlm, eth, doge, knc, mana, mln, ae, bat. These coins are already listed in my balances. I have invested already 3 btc on them but now I am in losses. But I never fear. I love crypto and I know the fundamental knowledge about crypto. It will recover soon hope so.
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