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  1. Hahaha I can see my self to you I was a loner and only mines the game I know how to play then 2nd was dice not so long etc. Then check in here on stake with a lot and confusing games
  2. At first yes it was confusing I don't actually know why I hit that and why I did not hit even with wilds. Thank God there's a pay table and lines so we can check what's pattern that pays
  3. My best was getting 5scatter and 3wilds with two same pattern on 3lines but with a lot amount of bet so not worth mentioning
  4. Mine was 620+x with 5 scatter I remember that when slot game was 2days old in stake (after that I don't or slot won't give 3scatter anymore. Feels like that was a farewell scatter lol
  5. Lowering the amount of bet? Or changing pattern? I quite often do that but I don't actually play a lot on keno
  6. Ayesha0770

    Numbers 1,2,3,4,5

    I never do something like this hmmm lemme try this pattern then if it's for me or not
  7. I don't have. Strategy in keno I keep on rolling the same pattern every 500rolls and change tiles after or before reaching 500rolls
  8. 710x was my highest but only once and next is 350 never hit more on that 350x anymore and I can only hit that with really long-run of hunting
  9. It is really do some pattern but you need to observe how the tiles placed or appear on every run I did some experiments on keno while doing challenge TG. Then I noticed that every 130-150 rolls I do get the same pattern with a little twist of 1 number out of the crowd
  10. Honestly I can get 100+ multiplier within 100rolls the problem is what I want is thousand of multiplier i hunt sometimes but not lower than 250x in limbo
  11. If your going to hunt well obviously it should be a decent multiplier I mean it's a waste of you keep on rolling on a low amount of bet with low multiplier
  12. Ayesha0770

    Dice or limbo

    Both for me :). Those two are good to hunt some decent multiplier but it's up to the person what games does he like or what games does it makes him feel more comfortable
  13. Ayesha0770

    Storm of red.

    I can hit hundred of multiplier with in 100rolls but what I actually needed is thousand multiplier although it's a rare one to hit I still hunting those
  14. Ayesha0770

    10000x limbo

    Lol I hit that challenge during free roll well I have no choice I don't have enough balance to go and hunt it for a long run so I do some free roll and during on that roll I hit those 10000x multiplier. I end up 12k rolls yesterday with only 2 green without getting profit and busted 150ksats
  15. My was 3-4hrs hunting 10000x I hit twice but on that moment I didn't place a bet and it was earlier hit (was doing a free roll) I don't have enough balance so I do some free roll at the same time it hit during free roll lol I stop yesterday at 12k rolls with only 2 hit (with out profit)