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  1. I think rainbot only validate those who wager everyday and active on chat. They change it to that process not like before
  2. Both are good but if you know some players in sport then sport will be good to have some profit
  3. Im a wife but I don't do that I always give time to my hubby and let him enjoy life as long as he won't find and flirt other woman then it's fine to me
  4. For me dota and CSGO I mean you will know once you knew the team and how they play that's the plan on having good bets on sports
  5. Hit it once I haven't played diamonds right now due to quarantine not enough balance and poor signal
  6. It would be much greater help and information if you ask the support members directly
  7. If I got higher balance I hunt on 1 lines its effective sometimes and yes the opposite as well I dont recommend it at all
  8. Woah here goes the new slot I'm so excited about it
  9. Except from depositing I don't know much what can cause on gambling site
  10. That's like multiplayer game and I have read so many things about this suggestion till now not a single one has been implemented
  11. Stake has the more bonus and events than other casino and only sir Eddie doing a personal stream not like others anti social and won't even let to see their faces
  12. Dinabot is the best exchanger been using that for how many times
  13. Yes but I didn't use that on a gambling site it's on some other matters that I thought it's important 😂
  14. Haven't tried that casino in real life lol and I'm scared going on that kind of place
  15. I do every time there's a tele challenge for this game I dont really like it morely busting game on stake 😂
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