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  1. We all know that mood isn't permanently changes happen every time so I think yes mood swings everytime
  2. I will be happy if that will happen again and I'm eligible to it ❤
  3. I'm expecting the new slot 😁 well hoping that new slot will be good to me not this old one whose so savage
  4. I think rainbot only validate those who wager everyday and active on chat. They change it to that process not like before
  5. Woa Sean that's really a big win. Congrats
  6. Sir Eddie said on his stream that monthly bonus will definitely be a reload every 10mins. But we'll were not so sure if it does to happen I mean there's a lot of changes everyday 😬
  7. Both are good but if you know some players in sport then sport will be good to have some profit
  8. That would be cool 😂 but apparently only for VIPs
  9. Im a wife but I don't do that I always give time to my hubby and let him enjoy life as long as he won't find and flirt other woman then it's fine to me
  10. If I were to get that Im sure I won't gamble that all money it's better to have business in reality than bust it all in casino
  11. That's a good advice good for people whose on lockdown city as well same here
  12. For me dota and CSGO I mean you will know once you knew the team and how they play that's the plan on having good bets on sports
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