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  1. We all know that mood isn't permanently changes happen every time so I think yes mood swings everytime
  2. I will be happy if that will happen again and I'm eligible to it ❤
  3. I'm expecting the new slot 😁 well hoping that new slot will be good to me not this old one whose so savage
  4. I think rainbot only validate those who wager everyday and active on chat. They change it to that process not like before
  5. Woa Sean that's really a big win. Congrats
  6. Sir Eddie said on his stream that monthly bonus will definitely be a reload every 10mins. But we'll were not so sure if it does to happen I mean there's a lot of changes everyday 😬
  7. Both are good but if you know some players in sport then sport will be good to have some profit
  8. That would be cool 😂 but apparently only for VIPs
  9. Im a wife but I don't do that I always give time to my hubby and let him enjoy life as long as he won't find and flirt other woman then it's fine to me
  10. If I were to get that Im sure I won't gamble that all money it's better to have business in reality than bust it all in casino
  11. That's a good advice good for people whose on lockdown city as well same here
  12. For me dota and CSGO I mean you will know once you knew the team and how they play that's the plan on having good bets on sports
  13. New diamond poker is badass it looks cool and great sadly the edge but it's worth a shot if you want to hunt or wager
  14. Hit it once I haven't played diamonds right now due to quarantine not enough balance and poor signal
  15. That's true lol you need atleast 3-25 to place on top 100 well it's 24hrs and everyone is crazy on wagering so that's normal for the players if they chase race or profit
  16. It would be much greater help and information if you ask the support members directly
  17. We all know race is fun but yes as you described it's causes some breakdown not all players but most of the racers
  18. Honestly I never hit once 1000x since I joined I don't know why but all the balls on my plinko game gets pulled in the middle even without bet feels like plinko game broke on my account lol
  19. I don't think it's only 1% edge 😂 I mean it's clearly balls fall on .02 middle all the time no matter what how many pins or risk. That's just for me I don't know if this worst plinko works in you as well
  20. If I got higher balance I hunt on 1 lines its effective sometimes and yes the opposite as well I dont recommend it at all
  21. Woah here goes the new slot I'm so excited about it
  22. Except from depositing I don't know much what can cause on gambling site
  23. Ayesha0770

    Keno pattern

    Both if you have luck on your side you can win no matter what pattern is. Pattern make you hit a good amount of multiplier but in the end will lose it all if you continue
  24. All is base on wager you need to wager if you want to increase the bonus you can get every week
  25. That's like multiplayer game and I have read so many things about this suggestion till now not a single one has been implemented
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