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  1. I don't like insults towards anyone, you did it yesterday, your friend did it the day before, and as I say, two more from here did it, and one more tried a few minutes ago. The chat log is for something, there it is. I do not like insults in a casino. And I am not a friend or favorite of anyone, the staff knows it for reasons that I am not going to tell you about.
  2. don't worry, maybe if you didn't use the insult so lightly in everyone's chat, you would not have sanctions, at least 2 who have followed you to this thread have repeated sanctions for these reasons, together with yours, sent to the moderator in their absence in the chat on May 26 9:30 p.m. to 11:54 p.m. server time, good luck with your proposal.
  3. actually , dont have spam on spanish channel, and all spam its good moderated in your channel.
  4. maybe stake need a Ritz or Palace Channel for exclusive aristocracy. agree.
  5. Well, I would remove all the weekly, monthly bonuses, of all the VIP levels, Does it seem like 2000 dollars, double that in first? what is here is much classist. It is not a dollar, it is 2000 dollars, it is not little, and for many it is a great effort. also this person talks about a channel, in which there is no spam, and everything is correct, it is not the English chat and its reading and writing speed. I remind you all that this conversation, which the author of the thread exposes, is not focused on the English channel, and was motivated by a loss in the g
  6. I totally disagree, it is enough to have to spend 2000 dollars a week, not just anyone. I would prefer, an exclusive channel for some. Not all people can afford to bet 2000 dollars a week, and you also want to tell them when they have normal conversations, it has been perfectly seen that they are not spam, and those who spam are penalized. You already repeated that three times on the channel, when people were chatting. you don't participate in chat much, but you can't pretend that other people don't. You complain about a channel, in which there are not
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