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  1. NOKIA 1611 One winter I lost it at home, at 8 months I found it ... inside the toaster. and we had been making toasts for 8 months. One day I dropped a spoon inside and when I looked I saw something strange.It was the phone, the back case completely melted. It looked like the setting of an alien movie. I took it out I hit the button and ... it worked. I was using it until the first sim cards arrived. i remember one friend of my father with this : and to all of us it seemed the best in the world and coolest on the planet!
  2. To work for me, the best currency is the one with the least commission. To be able to make multiples and movements from one site to another. To save I prefer btc
  3. stgar trek discovery third session, Devs, Doom patrol, the Walkling Dead World Beyond, Raysed by Wolves, A.P. bio Ted Lasso Project Blue Book Rick y MOrty Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Mandalorian Titans Derek Cobra kai and more...
  4. Since January 2019, I have still not received any daily help, for example, the one that Eddie does in the morning, close to reaching silver status, active player in chat, and in January support told me that it was already solved, obviously it is not.
  5. 7 or 8 days ago that I don't receive any rain from players, I see that chat people usually receive player rains well. I am an active player, I deposit continuously every day and play actively, I have not broken the rules of the chat. I do not understand who or under what criteria I am excluded from the rains of other players. I see players who bet less than me, who have less money posted on the web, receive continuously. DO NOT talk about the auto bot, talk about the player's rains I would like to know what the status of my account is, and the reason why this has been
  6. I can tell you what happens if they remove it, as in other places, during these years. The site decays. Simple. I am grateful for the rains, and deposit continuously. and if he won more, it would generate rains for others more often. A help is always appreciated, especially from other players, if the system chooses me as "scavenger", that does not give me rains of the Bot, but of players that do not remove them, since they are of players for players. And as I say if I have been chosen as a scavenger with the amount of deposits of these three days, more than 40, is that the system i
  7. Yes, but I see rains generated by players, which many people receive in the chat. not of the rainbot, of players, continuously. and never ever, I receive nothing in these three days. betting, losing, depositing, active, nothing at all.
  8. Well, I've been receiving nothing for three days, betting continuously, depositing continuously, and being active in the chat. and I see continuous multiple player tips and never choose me. what are the requirements to receive something, or have someone explain to me if I have been marked as passive wagger ... just seeing my deposits you see that this is false. But I don't know what to think.
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