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  1. No one can fully explore India, it's takes many births to understand India.
  2. Yeah its sometimes feels annoying because I wins big sometimes and when I see bet amount it's nill. But these things happens!
  3. Yeah i do want so we can analyze ourselves better & move ahead with a better strategy.
  4. I always crosses loss limit & always gets ripped off, but will try to improve it next time.
  5. Yes its house edge so when you hit no which you have choosen then you will loose, so there is nothing strange in that,because site also provides us a platform.
  6. Yes, I do play with same strategy in all casino games, especially in the crash game where I makes cash out at 10× every time.
  7. Fear of failure, yes this is the answer. Fear of failure stops you to go ahead and we need to conquer that for sure.
  8. It's all about collecting yourself and again with proper concentration and balance moving ahead. It's hard to get back lost amount but you can do it with a proper mindset.
  9. I think it's fine right now for me, rest I can tell you in the future.
  10. You can deemed it as a pattern, but this pattern doesn't repeat itself anymore, so be sure that you are not putting all in!
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    Hello champ, welcome to community forum.