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  1. Manish000 @everyone Which colour ? Voilet indigo brown green yellow orange red black white purple
  2. Gambling is a way to make money I will quit gambling on 100 bitcoin win.
  3. I was searching some porn video & accidentally hitted this site
  4. Beg 290$ on stake chat easy
  5. Manish000 Stive Steeve* Steve**
  6. Main card: Jared Cannonier Kelvin Gastelum - Jared Cannonier by decision Clay Guida Mark Madsen - Clay Guida by decision Parker Porter vs Chase Sherman - Chase Sherman by decision Trevin Jones vs Saidyokub Kakhramonov - Trevin Jones by Decision Vinc Pichel vs Austin Hubbard - Vinc Pichel by decision Alexandre Pantoja vs Brandon Royval - Alexandre Pantoja by Decision Preliminary card: Austin Lingo vs Luis Saldana - Austin Lingo by decision Brian Kelleher vs Domingo Pilarte - Brian Kelleher by decision Bea Malecki vs Josiane Nunes - Josiane Nunes by decision William Knight vs Fabio CherantΠΌ- Fabio CherantΠΌ by decision Roosevelt Roberts vs Ignacio Bahamondes - Ignacio Bahamondes by Decision Sasha Palatnikov vs Ramiz Brahimaj - Ramiz Brahimaj by Decision Clay Guida vs Mark Madsen : R3- 4:32 User- Manish000
  7. It doesn't matter, they're not going to win , only famous peoples & players who have friends from support are going to win giveaway. I always regret that if I had a friend from support team then I would have won this stream giveaway as well.😞😞
  8. This is best sportsbook challenge , past ones are like formalities 😫😫
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