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  1. Does driver updates automaticly? I noticed that when I work, the computer works differently, and I don't know what the reason is. Where can I check all the info about driver updates?
  2. Is it possible to rent a car abroad in advance, and will the price will be lover in that case?
  3. Yes, I bought it a long time ago
  4. I agree with previous comments that there are a lot of examples on the internet, but sometimes the problem is in writing it yourself. I can't do it because I'm afraid to make a mistake. Last week I had to write it, but I couldn't do it myself, so I used https://wr1ter.com/, That service is a literary my lifesaver, I use it when I have to write something, and it's the only service I trust. Each time the quality is high, and there are no mistakes. So, if you have the same writing fear, then I recommend you to use professional help.
  5. I have the Iphone 8 plus. t's the best phone I have ever had.
  6. Since childhood the only game I play is Sims. For me, it's the best game ever created
  7. My passion is kiing. Every winter my family and I go somewhere( Austria, Slovakia, etc) and have a great time there.