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  1. Hey im gonna tell you how i got my Name: "Liquidwalker" 😼 on September 25, 2012 the Game World of Warcraft Pandaria came out, with the new Race Goblin on Horde site! (i actually played wow for over 10years) so i decided to make a Goblin Rogue with the Name: "Liquidwalker"! i wanted to name my Char something with Liquid cuz its sounds lit even if you play Metal Gear Solid! how i got that name in my mind Liquidwalker cuz as Rogue you have the ability called Sprint to run faster for few second and in combination with a Glyph at that time in Pandara, you was able to run over Water aslong your Sprint Buff is up! thats how i combine Liquid + Walker = Liquidwalker 😹 since 2012 im using that Name on Steam, Gambling Site, Origin everywhere! ^^ my Nickname before was LTSpencer cuz my Nickname in Real Life is Spencer but i decided to change it to Liquidwalker for acting in the internet, cuz i Love that Name and now im using that Nickname for over 8years ^^ my real name is Andrija and thats the Story about my Nickname 😉
  2. Liquidwalker Yeah i know him!
  3. Liquidwalker

    Why gamble?

    My Mama told Me ! 😁
  4. Romanian Brother 🤝 you say: ^^I hope everyone has a beautiful day and full of victories on the stake.^^
  5. i have no idea how this work im gonna post this: Menjao sam zbog nje fazon pustio sam bradu Moja šaci ima guzu najlepšu u gradu Uradio sam jednu drugu treću tetovažu Audija 7 poklon za njenu garažu A drugari kažu kako više voli BMW Na jutjubu ona stalno sluša moje pesme A tata joj to brani kaže razbiće joj TV Kupiću ti luče novi jer te volim bejbe