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  1. Liquidwalker Sve bi, sve bi ja i ti Kad nas niko ne vidi Al noćas lagaćemo ljude
  2. Hello my name is Andrija! im 31years old and from Serbia but im Born and Raised here in Germany 3rd Generation! currently i have a lot of time and cuz of corona no work until next year! i can and iam online for more then 16hours a day! als i know few german players and have them on telegram/telegram group! i also conatact the support chat few times for Mod cuz German chat has no one if there
  3. Liquidwalker Purple ❤️VOLIM TE❤️
  4. Prodigal Son realy Dope Shit Swam thing hope its going to be better....
  5. SLOTS: 29,947,751,192 placed by Liquidwalker on 11/10/2020 Wagered 0.01048576 Multiplier 39.8889x Profit 0.40777956
  6. Liquidwalker Maroon ALO LJUBAVI IDEMO U GRAD VECERAS ❤️
  7. Liquidwalker GREEN VOLIM TE PUNO ❤️
  8. Hey im gonna tell you how i got my Name: "Liquidwalker" 😼 on September 25, 2012 the Game World of Warcraft Pandaria came out, with the new Race Goblin on Horde site! (i actually played wow for over 10years) so i decided to make a Goblin Rogue with the Name: "Liquidwalker"! i wanted to name my Char something with Liquid cuz its sounds lit even if you play Metal Gear Solid! how i got that name in my mind Liquidwalker cuz as Rogue you have the ability called Sprint to run faster for few second and in combination with a Glyph at that time in Pandara, you was able to
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