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  1. Two weeks before Christmas we drive a ways out than hike a bit into the woods and pick a Christmas tree and cut it down (in a legally designated area) Close family, friends, neighbors and anyone I know without a place to go get together for lunch at my house and exchange gifts on Christmas eve Get my grandfather a couple pairs of socks than wrap each sock individually. Watch a Christmas Story in our new PJs and than put the kids to bed afterwards (lunch takes all day...lol) Small handmade gift for each of the kids from Santa in the morning aND stockings (christmas day) and than off to the matriarch of the family's house for a champaign brunch and eggs Benedict.
  2. I played a lot when I was younger then took a break from 24-30 then started playing them again
  3. Zenyatta19


    Hello there everyone! Zenyatta here from SWFL and love this site. Good luck to all!