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  1. Same as last year, Still no luck. Everyday bust, its been a week. Straight week losing money, i always play like i used to. Always taking risk but no luck. i am always getting bust when i am trying to win some big, next time i will try to play safe. maybe playing safe will make me withdraw some. :) I hope everybody here in stake wins tons of money and treat their family on a nice vacation or restaurant. I wish i can win big so i can treat myself like buying clothes, shoes and have vacation.
  2. It is good when you have a great strategy in wagering without sacrificing your balance and also when you have a big balance. you can get a easy spot in race, This way you can win both side in race and profit in your strategy. You can easily win at race when you are wise at wagering and you have big balance. Some whales sacrificing so many balance just to win small amount. recently when the race time left is 2 minutes - 1 minutes. This guy bet 1 Eth in limbo 1.01x and loss 3 or 4 eth then win 3,000,000 satoshi. i think its not worth it tho, maybe they wanted to reach the 1st spot but sacrificing money bigger than the prize is crazy hahahaha. I hope he recover his loss that time. So i think if you have balance, strategy and you are a wise thinker. you can win race easily without losing to much.
  3. green light when you received rain, tip and messages. Also transaction in the settings there so many option been removed, i dont like this update. I thought i was the only one experience it, i agree also in so many bugs. If i experience that again i would make topic out of it and i hope stake staff would see it. If they dont fix it it will be a big loss for them, the numbers of players will be decrease. I hope it will not gonna happened because i really love stake and i am hoping that they will fix it right. So everyone will be happy and comfortable to play again. Lets hope thst it will get fix ASAP. WE REALLY LOVE STAKE SO I HOPE IT GET FIX

    Binance donate

    (My Opinion is in the bottom of this text) Binance Donates $1 Million in Crypto for Australian Bushfire Relief The cryptocurrency community is again showing its commitment to support charitable goals around the world. Binance, the most active international digital asset exchange, has donated $1 million to help with Australian fire relief efforts and invites the community to join the initiative. The recent bushfire season is considered to be the worst in living memory, causing billions in damages. Binance Supports Australian Bushfire Relief The philanthropic arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the kick off of a charity project aiming to help with Australia bushfire relief efforts. The company committed to donating $1 million in its own BNB token to the Australia Bushfire Donations project as an initial boost. All funds raised will be used to help alleviate the impact of this disaster and facilitate the restoration afterwards. “It is painful to see the bushfires burning across Australia as well as the devastating effects on the ecology and local community. We want to help this urgent crisis,” said Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO. “Donating for Australia Bushfires charity program is the most direct and effective approach to make an impact, and we are also calling for the whole crypto community to join us in supporting Australia.” Bushfire in Australia The 2019-2020 bushfire season is considered to be the worst in living memory, causing tens of billions in damages and killing 28 people as of Jan. 8. According to the most recent media reports from Australia, the recent fires have burnt over 100,000 square kilometers of land, destroying thousands of homes and causing an imaginable loss of about half a billion animals. On Jan. 5, the Australian prime minister announced the establishment of the National Bushfire Recovery Agency, funded initially with 2 billion Australian dollars. Crypto Adoption for Charity The Binance Charity Foundation was launched by the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao in October 2018. The blockchain-based platform ensures all donations and allocations for each project are recorded and open to the public. The charity reports it has already helped over 100,000 people in its past projects, with efforts such as providing lunch meals to over 5,000 students in 11 schools, stationery supplies and solar panels to 51 schools as well as sanitary pads to over 10,000 young girls at 55 schools. “We feel for the people who have suffered losses in this natural disaster and we strongly want to do our part to help. It is also the original intention we had when we created this platform which is to use technology to empower people and to help those who need it the most,” said Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity Foundation. “We will reach out to as many local organizations and communities as possible to pass on the donations we receive in crypto to the hands of each beneficiary. Please recommend to bcf@binance.com if you know any who accepts crypto, or would like to. We appreciate your support in all forms.” Binance is considered to be the leading global cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, with users from over 180 countries and regions. In October 2019, the company added bitcoin cash to Binance DEX, its decentralized exchange, and in December the company launched bitcoin cash (BCH/USDT) futures contracts with up to 75x leverage on its Binance Futures trading platform, providing BCH users with additional options to utilize the popular asset and drive peer to peer electronic cash adoption across the world. My opinion about this It is great to see that crypto site donates to those in need, It is a great way to help the victim of massive forest fire in australlia. I hope government around the globe will support crypto as a new payment on real life, I mean is that can be use in daily lives. You can buy food, clothes and property using bitcoin and other crypto. I know some country support this but if all of the country support this it would be a revoulution. So Binance thank you very much fsor donating 1 million dollars this is really great help and i hope they recover again from this tragedy. Source here if you want to read the full article. Source:https://news.bitcoin.com/binance-donates-1-million-in-crypto-for-australian-bushfire-relief/
  5. Thats what i am concerned about too because i need alot of funds to support my wagering to get instant VIP in my new account, but i have strategy the only disadvantage is that i need to sacrifice my balance in order to wager alot of money. So i think i will do this when i have money that can handle my wager.
  6. Yeah i am excited in the new slots that will be launch, slot games but differrnt feauture and I hope much better in current slot. Some people suggesting different Keno, i am not a keno fun but thinking it making me hype. More games its more fun right? So good luck guys, I hope this 2020 will be good to all of us. Earning while enjoying is great. Thats why i love stake wooooo.
  7. Thank you for trying to help me, it is not just me many people experince this. I will make a topic about it when i encounter them again, so i can have the evidence to prove that some games are glicthing, error and bugs. If they fix it so many players will be grateful not just me Thank you again Thomas. Good luck sir and Have a nice day.
  8. I am excited in the new slots game and also the coupon that will be distributed to all players. Thats i am excited about, Eddie's leaked the information about the next slot it would be better and more chance of winning because of set up. Thats what i am thinking but maybe i am wrong old slot and new slot will just the same it just different feature right? Im more excited in the coupons so im just being real So good luck I hope this new game will be great and run smooth.
  9. I totally agree to you, i hope eddie makes it that why and continue giving Non-VIP players some prizes like the last time. We all know that we all came from the start where we all just non-VIP players. Also some people that keep using alts/bot and those people abusing eddie's kindness. Guys please stop doing that because all of Non-VIP players are being affected because when Non-VIP win in eddie's giveaway. All of players in chat will say "Alts/Bot" thats why eddie sometimes not giving their prizes and reroll it once again. So i hope some people will stop this kind of abuse so some Non-VIP can win too because they deserved it too. GOOD LUCK GUYS BTW NO STREAM THIS UPCOMING MEGA RACE BECAUSE EDDIE IS IN VACATION IF I AM RIGHT.