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  1. I think highest hit that i got in stake is only 38x in HiLo. that`s the highest that i can get hahahahaha. I think in the future i can hit 1,000,000x in Mines or HiLo hahaha i hope. I hope in 2020 stake gonna be good for all of us. Everyday we can withdraw, Everyday we earn, Everyday we saved up some money and Everyday in stake is Happy. Good luck to all of us, Merry Christmas guys!!
  2. XRP because i have a wallet on that crypto in TRX i don`t have an wallet. Also XRP minimum is only 50 and TRX is 500 so XRP is better in any angle hahahahaha
  3. If i have a money, then i`m gonna go Streaming Stake so i can promote this best gambling site to the people who dont know stake.
  4. Maybe because of some people stalk someone then they see so many profit and send a friend request. Then asking for some tip, maybe because of that stake need a precaution by removing it entirely. The only way to access them is asking for stake support. They are the only one that can show us our profit and loss. Thats a good thing though but hassle for some people because they wanted to tracked down their profit but instead they need to chat the support to access them. Thats the huge disadvantage of this update.
  5. All i want in Christmas is that my mom wish come true, All she wanted is that she can pay visit her mom which is my grandmother. We didnt see each other in past 6 years, That's my wish this christmas is that we can visit our grandmother. She's getting old i dont wanna have regrets and also my family wants to celebrate christmas with her, Because of Financial we cant pay visit my grandma. So this year all i wanted is to pay visit, I hope this year and my wish will come true. Coz every year we always wanted to visit her but still lack of money to pay the transport fee. So i hope stake will be good to me, So when i win i will withdraw it and use it to pay the transport. My family is living in the city but everyday the income that my father got in his job is only $5-10 A day. So its not enough for the food thats why we cant save enough for transport fee. So thats all i wanted this christmas. Thank you ma'am tine because of This i can open up and say things that i really wanted. Have a great Chirstmas this year guys.
  6. Memories - Maroon 5 Because when i playing HiLo i always thinking the big hit that i got but low bet. its 5,000x in HiLo but my bets was 0.00000010 BTC. So i keep thinking that if i hit that with a 10k sats or something then its gonna be great but thats a legend now. I never achieved it again.. even 100x for me is hard now.. I miss the 5000x
  7. I experience that but an hour later im good again. I will try again, i know its kinda hard for some people. I dont know if i am strong mentally or i am just pretending. For me if my emotion is overcoming me i need to control it because when my emotion takes over my mind. Then its gonna be messy. Rage bet, etc. So for me when you know yourself that your not that strong mentally, you should play where you are comfortable. Don`t take risk if you are scared if its not win. You know when you got a mentally breakdown thats gonna be seriously frustrating, thats hard to restore. Just play safe and play with confidence. That`s the advice that i can give to you, because if your head is mess up. then your play will affect too.
  8. i never play plinko because its a game of luck. When you hunt a high multiplier its so risky. you need a huge balance to play that. So i never play that first reason is you need huge balance, i`m not that kind of reach. Second i`m not lucky, Third It takes time to hit that so you need patience. Fourth no balance, Fifth i dont like plinko hahahahaha.
  9. Removing of Rainbot? For me its such a big loss because when i got no money to depo. My only hope is rainbot thats why i am always active even tho im not playing. Because sometimes i get withdraw from rain. So its such a big help for me but now its gone. The only hope is depo again and try to catch rains from players. For you, what are your thoughts about this? Share it Have good day everyone.
  10. I always participate in Stake giveaway in Social Media, but as far as i know i only won once. Yeah same thought we have, Stake only choose at Twitter. Thats it not in Facebook. Maybe facebook is just another thing to makes us updated. Twitter is for updated and Giveaway. I am active in Stake Facebook. Everytime they post auto like and share also comment. I wish their is a giveaway too in Facebook. Good luck all have a nice day ahead of you guys.
  11. $20-30 is a big money here in our country. But if i have money like yours. I will not cashout it either, Wish you luck in your future bets nikki.
  12. Thank you wes ^^ You too bud, mines is great when you have strat. i see you`re a risk taker. That`s good too because if you are a risk taker, you will win big too. but the win chance is so low. Wish you luck bud ^^
  13. Nice hit mines is great when you have a big balance, coz sometimes it feels like scam to me. my settings in mines is 3 bomb but when i keep playing manual, the bomb doesnt change it position, So when i click the box its a bomb. Then if next bet i hit the same box, its still a bomb. So i have a trust issue in mines, HiLo is the best for me. The biggest hit that i got in HiLo is 5,000x In mines i think 24x. Congrats wes for hitting that. Good luck in your future bets