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    TIPPER reacted to Nenad in ​🧐​ Suggestions for Telegram Challenge|Bonus ​🎁​   
    Hey there, Stakers! 😊

    I have good news for you, also this topic will be very helpful for our daily telegram challenges. This will be a place where you can post your opinion and your suggestion for the telegram challenge task. Best part is that, if your idea is good and we pick it for hosting, you will get some bonus for that. Yeah, one more thing, do not go with some easy stuff. Do your best to have my attention. 🎁

    Good luck! Think Wisely! 🧐
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    TIPPER reacted to Nicol3 in Using Emojis or Special Characters as a Client Seed   
    In some other online casinos that I have played before where you, as a player have the ability to modify your own client seed for the purpose of randomizing results of each bet performed, only numbers and letters are allowed to be used. Here at Stake, I find it cool to know that even using an emoji, special characters and even spaces (blank client seed) works or is allowed to be used. That being said, it raises a lot of questions regarding it's effect on the end result and a lot  more. Based on this, here are some questions trigerred:
    How are the emojis when used as client seed calculated by Stake? Are emojis first converted to raw characters? If yes, since converting to raw characters add up an additional step to calculte the end result, does it affect game play? (ex. Latency) Why do other online casinos prohibits the use of these emojis, special characters or spaces and Stake does not? Does it mean the randomization process used by Stake is different from those others? Does it really impact the end result? (in such a way that the system may just ignore it and sees your own client seed as null) Can these characters really be used or its just something that should be prohibited as it is not being detected as a valid one therefore only server seed is used to determine the outcome? There are much more questions buggling my mind about this client seedthingy but I assume if this major questions I have will be answered intelligently, I truely believe those secondary questions will in turn be tackled accordingly. I hope some intelligent concern can help me with my questions. 
    Most of my big hits are those times I used different emojis like using 🤑 which signifies dollars for me. Haha! I know it's quite stupid but it really will be appreciated if someone can enlighten me. 
    Thank you for finding time to check out my post and I would greatly appreciate every comment from all Stakers. Happy New Year guys!
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    TIPPER reacted to Darko in [ 2019/2020 ] Fantasy Premier League Giveaway!   
    Game week 21 results:
    @jualid @artcode @OlegBarca @Dusan @Darko @Ashley @Rrahim @sichaoeloem @kaleemmalik071 @barbaris  
    You can claim prizes until 20th January.
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    TIPPER got a reaction from seanwattson in General Tips while Playing Blackjack   
    I really appreciate it you put so much effort into this its like i am reading a article about blackjack This is actually great, I want to learn more in blackjack because the only game that i play here is only HiLo. So maybe blackjack will be my next game Thank you sir sean for this
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    TIPPER reacted to seanwattson in General Tips while Playing Blackjack   
    As a big fan of blackjack in real casinos I have grownvdhp up learning all the dog's and don'ts. I will briefly go over just a few to hopefully shed some insight to some of the unseen and unaware. I will list them one by one and if you have a question about them just replay or hell  holler at me in chat!
    1. Learn and remember Basic Strategy. Do get yourself a basic strategy chart. Start to learn these as fast as you can.
    2. Do not count the cards. A) it is against all rules even in a real casino. The way the system works is you add 1 for a face card and -1 for a card with face value. If you get to +3 - +5 it means a low value card should be coming off the boot. If your -3 or lower than you should have a face card coming. Unfortunately here at Stake, our dealer is using an infinite amount of cards so this is really useless.
    3. A lot of people don't know this but if you're dealt pair of aces you should automatically split them. Why you ask? Well 1 hand becomes 2. You get 1 card and one card only but the chances of at least on of those cards coming next being a face card is pretty good, there fore getting 21. If not, you are stuck with whatever hand you have. Remember aces can be 1/11 so even if you didn't get a face card more than likely have a good hand. Now to next hand, one card only. Same set up. Didn't know that one did you!?
    4. Another one people don't really know is that a pair of 3's should always be split as well. Reason is, most of the cards are what.....? That's right, face cards. 16 is the WORST hand in blackjack. Some casinos allow you to "surrender" which means you can give half of your bet and keep the other half to "fold".; Not that this gives you a better chance in hitting 21 but better chance of not busting, or going over 21. Remember, the name of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. 
    5. When to "double down". Double down is like a side bet. You are doubling your bet and saying you want 1 card only and that's it. If you beat the dealer then you have quadrupled your money (sort of). Dealer beats you, all money goes to him. You should double down if dealer is showing a 5 or a 6 and you have 9, 10 or 11. Sometimes I get a little ballsy and double down if i have 11, and they have a 3 or 4 but is not recommended.
    6. Last but not least. Always hit on 16. I know, I know, you're like Sean!, but he only has 7. Well, trust me on this. They have done the math and it is mathematically proven then more times than not to go in your favor. The only time I wouldn't recommend this, is the dealer is showing a 5 or 6 also. Pretty much if dealer has 7-Face Card, hit it. Where do you think the dealer gets his advantage. Well, mostly because the bettor goes first but the dealer HAS to hit on anything below 17. Remember for us we need to get as close as possible. 
    Well I hope this answered some of your questions! This took a lot longer than I thought but if you have any questions please let me know. Good luck stakers and stay green!
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    TIPPER reacted to Nicol3 in Only Gamble What You Can Afford. Do You Live By This Motto?   
    Hey guys! What's up? I hope everybody had a very nice Media Noche together with your family and the people you love the most. Today I just wanna open up a topic about this popular line which we can almost read or hear on all casinos may it be a landbase or an online casino. 
    "Only Gamble What You Can Afford To Lose"
    The big question to all of us Stakers is, do you live with it? 
    We all know that gambling addiction is one of the most difficult to diagnose. Mostly because almost all the time every gambler wether addicted or just a social gambler is in denial of themselves. And worst, addicted gamblers tend to keep everything a secret with themselves. Do you think it is good or bad to keep it as a secret? Especially when you are on the stage that you are really in need of attention based on your own self assessment yet you are afraid to let someone notice and you continue to deny it. I was once in that situation honestly speaking and so I have learned my lessons the hard way. Though I am proud I was able to overcome this and finally live day by day with this simple motto yet meaningful but taken for granted by some.
    So to prove it I am attaching here my most recent deposits here at Stake. Please don;t laugh at me nor call me cheap. Hahaha! This is just to dare those who say they do live by the saying yet can't prove it. Are you in or out?
    I will be glad to read your comments and if possible to see howyour most recent deposits reflect on your personality as a Staker. 

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    TIPPER reacted to Darko in [ 2019/2020 ] Fantasy Premier League Giveaway!   
    Game week 19 results:
    @kavasupienu @artizykristy @Bimfo @Groomvol @Sonepa56 @Gijsie @Iva104 @Tarrterr @Redwanul Islam @crileboy  
    You can claim prizes until 15th January.
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    TIPPER reacted to AndreB69 in Vip or weekly challenges   
    Tnx :)... merry christmas too and have a happy new year
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    TIPPER got a reaction from AndreB69 in Vip or weekly challenges   
    I find it good because it has a good prize on it an every vip can participate  
    but hunting the challenge makes your balance goes to zero. i think stake gets more profit than the player in the challenge. 10k sats minimum bet for hunting a difficult payout in a certain game. But sometimes players gets more profit than stake when they hit a insane payout in a game that they hunting like keno. there is a challenge to hunt 200x above but you hit 700x with a bet of 10,000 sats. you win at the same time gain profit an win at challenge.  It depends thats my final answer hahahahaha. Well merry christmas and Happy new year  andre  
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