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  1. WOW. I am really looking forward for this new slot game. Slot have already been really good to me on multiple occassion. Lets hope it will be the same on the next one.
  2. I feel like dogecoin is nice to play safe. like having a strat that need a balance of 300.00000000 well bitcoin will be hard to go. but you could get lots of tiny win that would result in a safe betting system
  3. I would agree that it is a good way to get back on track. Sadly I'm not yet at this point. My forum message count is not yet good enough
  4. I won some good amount on both vip challenge from stake and primedice. sometime you are lucky enough and the challenges fits your way of betting.
  5. Changing seed is only a self conforting methode to believe it could change the end result. But in fact. having the same seed all the time have the same effect as changing it. From a statistic point of view, you should have better result by keeping the same seed if you ALWAYS bet the same way and keep track of you betting.
  6. I only invest in bitcoin since i predict it will get to 20k by april. It is only speculation but still. last time it got a peak i was betting on it 4 month before. So i hope ill be right again.
  7. it is not predictable since it only happen on the same bet.
  8. it is indeed noticable. But what is the point of knowing it if it happen on the same bet.
  9. I think all rain is good. You don't HAVE to rain. So generousity is always welcome even if it is a small amount.
  10. SLOTS: 13,168,759,562 placed by matchoman on 23/12/2019 Wagered 0.00262144 Multiplier 128.25x Profit 0.33357824
  11. I believe so too. i will add that it will occure in april. (can i bet on this ?) haha
  12. I was in the same situation. 5 years ago i lost 16k$ in about 1 week. I know i wont see it back. Now i'm playing slow. and wont go that big in a single week. at least you have some support. She's a keeper
  13. Welcome back. ill be happy to watch your progress
  14. I feel like plinko is only there fo wagering since the lowess you can get is .2x and not 0x.