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  1. In term of winning chance, it shouldnt matter. But in term of statistic, keeping the exact same number would result a more efficient strat. Provably Fair. is the trick here. even if you have only 2 options, 1 and 2. the number 1 could be roll an infinit amount of time in a roll. Not likely, but it could. so betting all the time the same number, will eventualy get a it. If you change the number all the time, well you might extend the lenght of a good result.
  2. Hello guys, Somes asked me directly in Stake what was my strat in keno. Get in medium risk. i choose 5 numbers since you can win 1.4x if you get 2 numbers. Start with a low base bet. (I usualy go between 100sat and 1000sat) Then it start. Bet 2 time the same amount then double. if you get 2 numbers. consider it like the last bet was not made. (since it is 1.4x the 1x worth the new shot) if you get 3 numbers or higher, go back to base bet. i know that 3 numbers only give you 4x and the betting pattern (calculating profit and total lost) will only give the base bet as profit but still, it is profit. obviously, 4 numbers and 5 numbers is great. since they worth 14x and 390x. I hope you enjoy this. Tell me what you think and if you try it. Matchoman
  3. It seem that it is only happening if you hit the skip during your bonus rounds.
  4. I got this one time. And it was a last effort bet. all-in Win or Quit. Seems like i didnt quit KENO: 11,761,461,546 placed by matchoman on 21/11/2019 Wagered 0.00133581 Multiplier 390x Profit 0.51963009
  5. Hello everybody, I'm pretty new to the forum. and i believe it would be nice to introduce myself. Im mathematician, who love to gamble. I'm in my mid 30s and have a good life. Obviously, english is not my main language but I can manage to write not that bad. Currently my best profit on Stake was in Keno. got a 5/5 mid risk. and it got me 0.55 BTC. Have a nice day. Matchoman