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  1. U nid to help ur self from getting rakeback or get rakeback every saturday megarace that good i think
  2. I too same i want somw break but cant i always go back in stake to play cant stop myself to play
  3. Dont greedy when u got witdrawal wd and dont hesitate or u bust in end
  4. I think update for lag so lag when rain and spam trivia chat hang
  5. If im rish yes i will do that if have 50-100btc i will bet 1btc in 1.20x good profit
  6. Hunt is good in limbo multiplier hunt big than double risky but ok when u hit
  7. It good most for beggars in chat no profit stats can save u from beggars around the chat good choice by stake
  8. Mines most of all when i hear the bomb in first tap hahaha
  9. Good point event when stake birthday
  10. Might be good if hunt big multiplier than double just saying