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  1. No stake can't strike, they have a lot of dreams on their shoulders of a lot of stakers.
  2. I will continue to play & Win some more there.
  3. It's different for every user by which you can verify your bet. You can stick with same or can try different one.
  4. I think they are doing some updates with video poker, but manual bet is still there so you can play there! Good luck!
  5. No, no no can't endure second rule. Please change it even if it is true.
  6. It doesn't have that much to compete with official betting sites, but I think it will improve with time.
  7. I have rolled numerous times for fun when I don't care to win, these things happens oftenly. Hopefully I also wins big next time.
  8. Yeah its great to end a long wait i think its going to be an exciting times ahead. Hurray!
  9. I have played Limbo, actually I don't know what's going on there but slowly as the time rolls on I understand everything there.
  10. I think it's good idea to have isolated app for mobile users to run it smoothly. Nice thinking!