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  1. x2500 fruit party in base game
  2. Personally I very rarely change seeds, only when I can't get anything for a while.
  3. If I win $ 7000 I think I withdraw a big part and I continue to wager with the rest, so no it is not a big win that will make me leave Stake :D
  4. Personally yes, whether I win or lose I often take breaks, it is necessary! I am also addicted but you have to try to work your mind not to play when your balance is not empty.
  5. As said, no real timing, just the right seed and luck.
  6. Not really a better way for gamble, luck and the mind do a lot. As said before, in the long run most of them are losers. But personally when I gamble I prefer to aim for big multipliers and change quite often.
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