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  1. I understand you can think that and I hope I can show you that there's nothing else, just what I told you before.
  2. I think this is explained on the post, but i explain again, do the recent growth activity in chat, also do the diferency hours between south amercia and spain i think one only mod can't cover all. Its true that sometimes the activity on chat goes down, and can be managed by one, but others no, or, just maverick528 can goes to take order because is working. Is for that that i propose as a second mod, also these days we talked about old times in chat (and its true that maybe can't talk on first person) and the good vibes they had before in the chat, not like the last days, full of bad vibes.
  3. Not exactly at is, cause maybe to crate an adult chat for every language its hard, just as universal rule for all the chats beacause i prefer to can use my native languge spanish.
  4. maybe can we add a new rule.... Have 21 years to post in the chat, to avoid "angry" children. Thank you.
  5. Hello Stakers. I would like to propose as the second moderator of spanish chat since lately I see a growing activity in that chat and there is only one moderator, in addition, as with Portuguese and English chat, the language shares several regions of the world as well as the time slot and that is why I find that there should be a moderator from South America with in this case Maverick528 and another Spanish , which is why I introduce myself. Another reason why I introduce myself is that I have been in Stake since v1 although I was a few years away I have seen the page grow and I lik
  6. The slots that pays me to most here it was Hit the route, with 0.40$ pays me 600$ i think i still have the golden trophie on this slot.
  7. Idk if its elegible but i post SLOTS: 34,863,499,869 placed by aforcewan on 23/01/2021 Wagered 0.00000006 Multiplier 971x Profit 0.00005820
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