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  1. Gilan066

    Had a nice run

    Oh nice sow good run not bad i also one time wined 0.01 btc from 100 satoshi faucet !!! But in the last i taked some risk and i lose all wish you win some money and cashout one those days is hard to make money from 0.0003 to 0.08 is sow good and hard you are pro player wish you win again like that and make like 2 eth last time i hit in plinko 1000x with 200k bet i was sow funny
  2. Hello everyone today i gona tell me favorite team i always bet big. My favorite team is Real Madrid i love Real Madrid since 2006 i em big fan off them my favorite player there was Cristiano Ronaldo he is a legend for me i always watched him play with sow mutch love and when he lose i was ready to cry .Time when i was sad was when Real Madrid lose from Barcelona 5:0 i was sow angry i sad i have a lot off frends that are with Barcelona team sow they always maked jokes with Real Madrid when they lose 5:0 😂😂 But after some year Real. Madrid finaly Started to win from Barcelona and i was sow happy !!! Now i em woth Juventus beacause Romaldo is there and i love that player i em going to bet big in juventus
  3. Hahhhahaa sow funny i can t stop watching it sometimes dice is good somtimes is bad is all about luck i also use some off my strategy in stake dice is good i win somtime big and i never lose xD marry Xmas all wish you all have a happy day and be happyyu Xd make some gifts for kids
  4. Gilan066

    Plinko during sex

    Hahhaahhaha sow funny i em sow addiction in sex and gambling sow mutch i can t stop f***** p**** but stake for me is first before sex. Sex is second for me stake is first for me Xd go gamble in stake stop making Sex
  5. Hello everyone is snow time ⛄️ For first time in my contry is snowing i em sow happy my youngest brothers are making snowman ☃️ they are fighting with snow ball i also joinded them and I haved sow mutch fun!!! I also i fix them Xmas Tree with sow mutch things I also gona make some gifts 🎁 for them and i gona dres like 🎅 santa i wan t to make them happy cids deseve it wish you all Xmas make some gifts for kids make tham funny!!
  6. Isn't it casino much better at wagering? Imean sport result takes some time (even tho it's 3x) you can get that in 3bets instant on casino. But might be good for those who really love to play sports. I have a goal to wager to be gold vip and i can win sow mutch price and i can win from cupon and other things
  7. Hello everyone for first time i see my favorites youtubers playing it in primedice eddie sponsore him and i watch him playing i fell in love in first minutes. I fast go and register and use first time satoshi hahahahah it was sow amazing feel i can t imaginage after i come here in stake thets ho i meet this site now i em like 2 year playing and i think i will keep playing till a time and i will quit for ever but stake will be always in my heart