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  1. Yes i will stream if i win somthing big i but a new pc and make some giveaways there the people will come and i will be happy sow mutch wish you all luck and fun
  2. Yes i em also old player in stake sow old i was from 2017 from beginning i love that old time it was a amazing time sow funny i can t imaginage first time i join stake and i see btc in balance it was sow funyyy hahahahahaha i never can feel like before wish you luck and happy XMAS gg wish you all the best take care
  3. I saw today trx coin I waited sow long for that coin to ccome out i depo some and i haveing fun now wish you win big trx hahhahaha is nice coin and i love it i love the icon of it wish we win all biggg and have funn go win bigg 828828282 trx happy xmas
  4. Yes i think password need to be sow strong sow they can have safe money in they hands wish no one lose them pasword ore somone find them pasword we always need to be safe for oure money we need to be responsible for oure selfs
  5. Hello everyone!!!! I waited for this coin from a long time i also wan t to thenks eddie Today i deposite some tron (trx) coin I enjoyed sow mutch new coin wish tron also grows up i also wan t to invest some money in trons i thin k tron will keep going up !!! Also is fun now we can exhange with dinabot !!! Eddie is doing a greate joob Tell me down what do you think for tron !!! Thenks for reading
  6. Hahahahahai was like you one time my first game was dice playing okg waht emocions that forst minuts you can t now brooo now is all same go read all games hiw thay work try also plinko and slots there are funny try it plinko is the best beacuse i hit sownmutch time 1000x wish you luck and fun gl
  7. Hello i em a player from stake Me also i em sow addict with vip challenge i can t stop betting now when i em home i stay all day playing stake trying challenge race and others things but i em happy wish stake set a new challenge for cristmas i will enjoy that sow mutch wish me and you complete all challenge wish you all the best and win like 292882282 btc hahahahaha cheers and happy cristmas!!!!
  8. My bigest xrp balance was like 1000xrp but i losed it end it was a long time ago like 5 months but one night before i haved like xrp and i losed i was sow angryyyy sow mutch angry i betet a lot of 5 xrp in slots and i diden t win nothing shi i was sow angry tha i loset wish one day i make some money and go in slots and win big 5 sccaters hahahahaha wish one day i make 1000 xrp ore 10000 i will be sow happy
  9. Oh nice i will try your luckyyy nummbers my lucky numbers are 7 10 20 25 40 try it you can win bigg and be ritchhh i always win bigggg gg
  10. Wow nice congratulations i wish you win everytime and never lose i bet evertime in real madrid hahahahah i love sport bet spw mutch
  11. Hello my new favorite game is texas holdem poker i love that game sow mutch amd we can play with frends wish you gona make it soon gl all wish you all luck and fun gg you are amazing eddie
  12. I get mute fast i don t now why now can t see M and B for ban stake making sow mutch updates
  13. Gilan066


    Oh i em sow sorry wish that mute will stopp sooon i now you and i now you are not a begger i trust you wish you win soon somthing and i wish you luck and fun
  14. Hello everyone i em a old player here in stake i love Stake because here i meet with some amazing people and i wined big i diden t lose mutch but i em positive.Best time to play is in December when outside is snowing 🌨 in my home is hot and i em not working i em free i take some food in my bed I enjoy sow mutch !!! I em waiting also some challenge and bonuse ❤️😍wish you all feel same wish you all have a good day!!!
  15. Gilan066


    Eii there are some bonuse like cupon vip cupon monthly cupon etc you need to wager 10000$ usd sow you can recive a weekly cupon is nice cupon try to rearch bronz star