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  1. Good knowledge of the sport that you're betting on is crucial if you want to make money. I have been an avid sports better on other sites for quite a while and have done fairly well this year mostly with football but also some hockey. I checked out this site and it's perfect to introduce people to sports betting there are too many options as in other sports betting sites to confuse you
  2. I'm actually an avid sports better so I can't wait, I hope it has more to offer than some of the sports bet sites
  3. I'm rolling for fun mostly at the moment I am new so I need to build up my finances
  4. I first played blackjack then played panko and then played the wheel. I had some bch and another account that I moved over so I can try them out but I lost it all
  5. Hi everyone so I'm very new to this particular site and I'm having a hard time navigating and figuring out what it is I have to do and play to start earning. I tried reading through some of the tutorials but still having a hard time any help would be appreciated. So my username is a tribute to my best friend Hercules who happens to be my 12 year old dachshund. My actual name is Jenn and I'm looking forward to getting as involved as I can with the site and you all