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  1. Stake username: lacker And the keyword is purple. The 25th time i posted in the forum.. hmm lets see
  2. Stake username: lacker Mar00n (well thats how eddie spelled it lol) Cmon people.. chose me once in a lifetime
  3. Username: lacker Purple Cmon stake choosers... once in a lifetime.. go bojana
  4. Stake username: lacker Cmon... once in a lifetime pick me Ok. Edit it with morgana
  5. Stake username: lacker I find it useless already, more than 10-15 streams and never picked? Neah
  6. Username: lacker Here for 3 years and going to be for more. Have to go to a wedding today, so i can't be online during the stream. Anyway good luck folks. I will try to join the race from phone
  7. stake username: lacker Cmon eddie the pinterest master gimme select me once in a lifetime lol. suggestion: what about streaming on youtube aswell?
  8. I hate it. Really hate it. I played PD for years, stake the same, just for the reason of their unique games and fairness. seeing there curacao gaming makes me sick.. don't get me wrong. when i get from the mobile and i see how hard is actually to get to play the slots or the diamonds it's a mess... make it more easier or maybe a link where we can play on the classic stake games.. really don't want to play the bonus buys on pragmatic lol
  9. lol losing to your own casino is always funny. i wonder how much share of stake.com he has hmm
  10. Well, at least lately since the update with the new games, it is a bit too odd to play on mobile, i would love to see stake keep a special link where we can go and just play the classics games based on hashing.
  11. stake username: lacker The not human eddie is back? We will have the new slots today? hmmm
  12. username: lacker once in the lifetime i will be chosen by not the human eddie lol
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