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  1. stake username: lacker The not human eddie is back? We will have the new slots today? hmmm
  2. username: lacker once in the lifetime i will be chosen by not the human eddie lol
  3. Just add more rules, min. to wagger 10k in last 10 days to be able to use the chat
  4. username: lacker let's do it!
  5. no, of course not. i am the the type of person that travels a lot, all the time in a night club/party. going to tinder dates every day, enjoying the life as it is. with this lockdown i am forced to stay at the same place (that is not even my home) and just do nothing, i gamble too much already and i have no other hobbies.
  6. lol it won't. covid can only hurt anything arround as limits the possibilities of people being free, btc is the symbol of the free internet money. as side message: the usa deserves to have this crysis. totally bad management of what's happening or how they handle the crysis
  7. but these horse racing are only gambling and the odds ...i don't know what to say. it's good to play on the horse games if you live in the country where the games are held and you actually know something about those horses, right now it is only about gambling based on the odds given..
  8. atm halving got a bit out of discussion. so a thing that makes btc important and to have some backup as money behind, is the hash power. the hash power costs a lot of money and a lot of electricity and this is a reason why the price can be influenced by the halving. once the reward goes down, the big miners of btc can move to another coins, in my own view i don't see the halving as a good thing, either a bad one. anyway, the big miners wont be able to sell as many coins as they were used to be either to produce as many extremly interesting things to look into
  9. it was an issue when the pandemic started as companies with assets in crypto, cause of the lack of liquidity from assisting the stock markets crash, they sold the crypto for faster payouts. now that china is back in the game we can clearly see that there are way better changes in the price and it is stable again arround 7k usd. anyway, the crypto market as the whole world is atm, it has a big issue, a big crash and there is nothing we can do. just wait until this virus will have its cure. but dont forget 50 years later, hiv has still no vaccine.
  10. lol, as funny fact, yesterday from 2 sats rakeback on primedice i did 1000 :)) and busted on x100 one hand all in. that's how this probably fair casino's are. the winning/losing bet is all based on the stake that is at the middle or the chances, but really..1 btc out of 0.001 sounds like imposibru and I don't think at least with that strategy you can get even any closer to that. but who am i to judge? hopefuly you will send some rains right after it :))
  11. haha, yeah it happened to me, but i used the stopwatch from my phone. it was fun how much it lasted, but i was on slots on minus like 300-400 bets at least. it was terrible and definetly not something that i would want to try out in the future. speaking of the devil, this giveaway tho made me stay a lot on stake just to abuse and make money out of it. i took 300 euro out from those 10 minutes reload bonuses
  12. well, you can say that age can give you maturity of gambling. it can be good or bad, maybe as you grow on age, your style of play is totally different and you can play more calmly. Personally I don't know if this is real or not, but eh, that's how life it is. anyway if you think more about it, elder age can give you that yolo style as you are sure you'll still get your next salary next month. gambling when you have a family should be considered a good thing and i actually don't appreciate those people at all!