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  1. It's actually very probably that arround april or may, btc to have a major going up and the price to sky rocket, don't forget that the halving is cming and it will be the most important halving of the future years or until now. Here's a counter: https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/ I watch a lot of time how many hours/days are left. Amazing to see this changes and be aware of them
  2. I don't like english people. Tonight I am going to drink a champagne because they are finally out of EU. And these words come from a Romanian. I tried to live in uk, england was the worse; scotland acceptable but also not on my taste. North ireland also, too ..religious for me. Ireland is the type of country i appreciated and i appreciated a lot the people but thats all about the brits islands, wheather also sucks
  3. By the end of the month in total i am on loss only 15$ . I waggered 12k$ and i think that's good. I had some good withdrawls but also some bad losses, overall on stake it was a good month
  4. None, i don't like how they do the challanges, it's a bit of a headache to stay here and just play to watch that specific thing they are asking..what's the point? better do something about a multiplier or a big win, don't do it like get 4 scatters and 100x or get 5 of those on video poker, like this week's challange. I would do it differently but as users got used to it i guess i can't comment anymore and just stay and accept it
  5. Here's an api issue, of ui issue. As example I guess you are aware if you play on autobet on dicebot, play on autobet on computer and at the same time you play on the phone, you can't play on a 4th device as stake allows only 3 devices to gamble on same api code. And the update of balance constantly it's more than annoying and it might distract you from what you're waggering and the ammounts of what you're betting. once on pd i left my bot open and being bored i played manually on browser. I lost on browser but meanwhile the dicebot made me like 10 times the value of what I originally deposited, only after a few hours when i refreshed i saw that and i was really happy
  6. Just tip those specifically people that you have on friends, you don't have to rain everybody, but a custom list could be usefull, i guess its not going to be hard to do a list based on your friends but more it will be actually difficult. Personally i would enjoy this, as I never get rains and I don't understand why, maybe this way someone can add me to their custom list and I will be able to get some from time to time. Tho, it's like bitcointalk for trusted member to update their dt list, it;s annoying and takes useless time as this site is about gambling; not about raining
  7. No you can't unfortunately, I asked the support if I can change my name to lacker here and on PD but it seems it can't be done. This could be a nice option for being a diamond, so guys, now this is our next life purpose, let's all reach diamond and ask @eddie to change us the names to "owner of stake" . I would love that to be honest and it would be fun. Going to support ticket and see a message: Hey owner of stake, how can I help you?
  8. Well, I'm there, i tried i think i catched a few times places like 40-50 but still worthless. For me it has to be something to feel it, even if i get the point that the race is supposed to giveaway to the biggest gamblers, i would better do a minimum treshold for each, example 500$ if you wagger over 2btc, indeed that will be bad, as alts can use multiple accounts to do it and it's not in the interess of stake to do so, but that's what i would do. now taking like 20-30k satoshi doesn't sound too good to start waggering 2k$ .
  9. the chinese new year will hold for a year right? well, let's wait and we will see how lucky is this rat and how much demage we can do to stake, lol.. i had a nice party tho for the new chinese year with some central asian friends in europe and i went to slots afterwards, same old story: busted but there is a full year ahead so i guess it's too early to speak about it
  10. Well, not really, usually my strategy is to be kept the same, dice hits at a moment anything, as exampe in 20k bets you can hit 4 times in a row x100, and i had that, small bet constantly on x100 and if it was green increase on win x10 times just to repeat it. I did it for 3 bets and once I got like 0.7 btc out of it. Changing strategy when you play fair games like here I don't think it's worth it on long term, only on short term if you want to see some results really fast.
  11. I started in 2012 after I got my original paypal limited and I needed an alternative to be paid online. I used to be paid with payza (also their name before that, can't remember now). That's a lot of time ago, sadly i've never been a hodler, and I am not good about holding or trading or whatsoever, at least i am happy with a good understanding of the blockchain .
  12. Just because it is something decentralysed that can not be easily controlled by countries governments, and it is against all the regulations that makes ur country to have the money to heal you, defend you and so on. It's quite simple; also lazy politicians that are not able to create legislation.
  13. Man, it;s not about that. Stake will win wheter it is 1 seed or 100 seeds at same time. That's why they have the house edge. But at least the dev's work will be really hard to implement, but will make the game more fair
  14. well, i don't have any specific strategy to share, slots always to have 60 bets worth of bankroll playing with 20 lines, dice usually 6x with increasment each 4 loseses but thats rare. or high and low but there i try big bets and reach fast 10x; that's it.
  15. I am curious about the reason why there are not more seeds, to be more specific one seed for each game. Let's say you play slots, there are 100 bets without a bonus, the chance of getting it, it is bigger than it was at the first bet. For a moment you go at play 100 hands on plinko, your seed goes on the hash and that result couldve been the bonus on slots, but it was 0.5x on plinko. I am trying to play only one game when I am losing in a series/streak but tho, you can do something similar and we can have better statistics about how many bets we did on each game so far. This is a suggestion.