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  1. Monthly. For not playing for a month as plat 2 i got to get 4$ on the weekly..
  2. no, this is too low, a few month ago i had that and i still didn't managed to get into the top
  3. Finally being chosen on the forum giveaway ffs. Stop the codes given, those small giveaways, just spam the site and goes way slower. Or add a waggering rule for it.
  4. Honestly, I think that this is already useless, but I will try again: stake username : lacker colour blue. steveeeeeeeeeeeeee you got this page!!!!!! cmon!!! once in a lifetime help be chosen :))
  5. Stake username: lacker The 100th post should be the lucky one
  6. stake username: lacker i know that stream ended shortly everytime but ffs, it's almost a year since i was last time chose
  7. Stake username: lacker Violet Cmon for gods sake at least one time chose me.
  8. Eddie presented it on a twitch stream 4 years ago a week before the launch
  9. Stake username: lacker Cmon once in a lifetime pick me..
  10. Wow, actually i want to know more about this..
  11. stake username: lacker steve happy to see this giveaway back online
  12. I am going to support you. I have seen the post and most of the cases when you have such a debate there is no way to support it without copy pasting technical parts or just linking articles.
  13. iulianbutanu

    Bronze VIP

    Easy answer, 40.000 usd more.
  14. Man, that's just bad luck. Stake doesn't manipulate bets, rtp is enough :))
  15. A truth is.. might be a cool thing to have the source code of the rainbot somewhere posted.
  16. Also can be added on the list all the gonamat's games as they can as low as 2c per bet.
  17. All the others.. bitcoin is an old 2009 technology. All the other coins are better than btc.
  18. The Wire man. The wire, sopranos, doctor who, dunno. anyway the wire and sopranos and mostly whatever hbo creates is awesome
  19. iulianbutanu


    What are you saying? I am trying for more than a year and I got lucky only last week with the random number. I am never chosen. Support doesn't like Omar.
  20. stake username: lacker and finally a normal colour: green let's do it
  21. One more thing, the promised 1% house edge is usually on dice advertised on a 2x bet. But as you go up to 10000x payout, the house should decrease right? at least of that i was aware on primedice. as the payout goes lower, let's say 1.0102x there is a house edge of 2%, but up to 10kX the house goes down.
  22. my most lucky win ever is from the 10$ boost i bought a bonus on book of shadows and got the bloody girl 10kX
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