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  1. Vladv26


    My plays for tonight : Golden State, you can take it on 7 if you need a higher odd. Last game between this two was a tie but back then Curry and Draymond Green didn't play for the Warriors. Now they want the revenge.Golden Stake is playing home now and I'm they are in better shape so I think they are definitely going to win this one without any problems. Boston - 3. Washington could be without John Wall and Porter but even if they would play that wouldn't help them much since they record is very bad this year compared with last season. Boston is just blasting every team they are playing with in the last 6 games, doesn't matter if they play at home or on the road. I don't see why this would change here. I personally think Boston should be more favored here and the odds are just to big to not take advantage of it.
  2. Vladv26

    Hitting the crypto jackpot

    It's never wrong to try and make it but you got to understand that the jackpot cannot be won even if you are re the biggest mathematician from all time because it's random. Jackpot is not offered on a constantly basis, it's not offered every 1 million rounds and it's certainly not offered at a fixed period. If you belive you are going to get it the chances are higher since it's possible that the universe will listen to you and give you what you want. Good luck
  3. From what I have seeing on this forum posts many players do the same thing. Even though they have enough profit to cash our and take a break they want to win even more but what happens is that they lose everything at the end of the session. I think this happens because the win doesn't feel to big, so even if you have doubled your money you want to repeat that again but you thinking is wrong in that moment so you lose.
  4. Vladv26

    Match fixtures in the NBA

    I don't see that happening in NBA because we talk about a whole team of players and it's pretty hard to cineast least 10-15 persons to do something against the rules. The same thing you see in all big leagues of sports like football or tennis, you never see a fixed match since this are competitions that millions of people watch every match and someone will surely notice if the match is fixed Another reason why I don't think you will find fixed matches in NBA is because the prnalization would be drastic, especially for the couch. Probably even a few months depending of the situation.
  5. Vladv26

    How to gamble responsibly

    This is the way I see things. You can't really gamble responsibly only if you do it for a living. You can set up 100 rules at the beginning if you don't respect them on the way. Since you play this games for fun and entertainment you don't care about the money you are gambling so most of the times you will lose it. If you don't learn how to control your emotions and how to respect the rules you will never be able to make constant profits from gambling because I don't see it just as a game of luck. Even though that's what it is, you can control the outcome if you are responsible when you are gambling.
  6. Vladv26

    Is stake entertainment or casino for u?

    Honestly most of the times is just fun because I don't gamble huge amounts of money but there are moments when I do it for profit. Having fun while playing stake is a good idea but you have to remember that you gamble with real money(of course in bitcoin). It does matter if you just play with 5$ or your play with 100$,thats still your money and I don't think many of you can afford to trow 10$ to garbage by playing games wich you can play on demo. Actually if you think about it, on the long term you will lose a lot of money if you play only for fun, 5$ now 5$ next week and in one year you have 100$. That's not much for a year but I think you can all find better alternatives to spend your money.
  7. Vladv26

    Buying cryptos for Deposit.

    I bought one bitcoin to deposit on a gambling website but that's the only time. The main reason is because I am constantly looking for different methods to earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies online either by selling my skills either by completing different offers. Personally I think it's better to do that, of course if your time allows you, since you can earn some free bitcoin to play with and in the same time you have the chance of making a good profit and withdraw it. I don't like to buy cryptos then deposit them to gambling websites because there are some fees involved and even though now they are not that high it still affects your bankroll. When I have cash and I want to gamble I simply play on casinos that allow me to deposit cash with no fees. It's faster, cheaper and also a lot more convenient, depending on each person. Some of us want to protect our identity so it's better to play on bitcoin casinos.
  8. Vladv26

    When the FUN stops STOP

    I like this tip a lot and I think it's one of the most important when you are playing to make a profit. You should always set a target at the beginning and when you reach it, you close the game and close the website for at least a few hours. If not I guarantee you the chances are you are going to lose everything. Why? Because you set a target when you started so after you have reached it, you are happy and don't care anymore(at least as much as before) about the way you play. You start losing a little then you play to recover that and so on until you have left nothing. So, never be greedy because that's going to lead you 99% of the times to failure. Take what you have and if you want you can come later with another player on how to increase it. Stop until it's too late.
  9. Vladv26

    Why do you tip people?

    Yes, it's gambling but belive me that for some people this is a source of making money and that's especially because they are coming from poor countries and even 20$ seems like a huge amount of money for them so why wouldn't they beg for free money if this is worth a lot of them? Im not encouraging them here I'm just trying to explain what happens from my perspective. You call it entertainment but I am sure not everyone can afford to spend their money just to have some fun on Stake because honestly how much entertainment can you get from playing a few games online? If it was about entertainment people would go and have fun with their friends, play some real games like football or tennis not stay on the couch and play Mines.
  10. I think you should never teach someone to get into gambling because once they start they are never going to stop this. Maybe at the beginning it may seem like fun but I am sure when someone starts losing money that does seem like much fun anymore. If I think about myself I would have liked to never get into gambling but since I did it now I have to learn how to control the situation.
  11. Vladv26

    The way you place your diamonds!?!?!

    Every time I place them differently but most of the times I like to play and try different shapes since you never know what it is going to hit. I like to play on 3-4 mines so after I hit a few tiles I think about a strategy and play different horizontal or vertical lines depending on the previous tiles
  12. Vladv26

    If you win 100k dollars...

    I would exchange it to cash, pay all my debts and buy everything I need and then open a business with the remaining amount of money. For me I think that's the best approach because if you don't invest it right at the beginning, later you are going to spend it on different stupid things and also gamble a lot of it again so you will only feel sorry at the end for not investing it. Even if you lose it because your business fail at least you know that you tried and next time be more prepared.
  13. Vladv26

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    I really don't see a reason why someone would have multiple accounts to play on. It's just ridiculous, I mean only if you would reach the limits for deposits/withdrawals but I think that's not the case here since I don't see anyone gambling a lot of bitcoin every single day. Another reason why people could have multiple accounts is to take advantage of this forum that pays for posts but I also don't think many people would do that since pretty much no one makes posts just for money here because that's not the point of this forum and it also doesn't help you a lot financially.
  14. Vladv26

    Stake jackpot

    While I was browsing the forum an idea came to my mind. What if Stake would create a Jackpot on their website. I mean not a daily or monthly lottery or something like that but a jackpot that will run forever just like you find in casinos on slot machines. Every time a player places a bet 1% or so will be added to the jackpot. After someone wins the jackpot the process will start again and continue forever. The winner will be selected randomly, at a random period of the day, on a random bet. There are not rules to be eligible to win. It doesn't matter if you are a new player or you wagered dozens of bitcoin, it doesn't matter if you bet size is 1 satoshi or 100k satoshis, it doesn't matter your country/age or anything like that. Its all about your luck. There could also be 2 or 3 different jackpots, like small, medium and big jackpot and each one could be scheduled to be won every day for small jackpot, every week for medium and very month for big jackpot. Of course this is just an example but something like this. I know it is something complicated and Stake would have to work hard for it but the idea would be great since everyone would have a equal chance to win the jackpot and its all about your luck. What's your opinion about this?
  15. Vladv26

    Mine sound update.

    The sound for winning never pisses me off but when I hear the sound of that bomb it's like I'm exploding. Honestly I don't like the sound of bombs even though it's not that bad. It would be a good idea to change the sounds from time to time but I don't think having different sounds in parallel is going to help me, that would be even more annoying since every time you would hear a different sound.