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  1. Be aware that this strategy is for sportsbetting only. There is no guarantee that it will work because it all depends on the outcome of the matches you are betting on. Take for example the Barcelona Real match that took place a few days ago. That was the perfect match to place a bet for this easy money strategy by betting on over 0.5 goals but it ended 0-0. Obviously no one expected that and it was a huge surprise, so nothing is 100%
  2. I don't know how many of you have heard or know about this strategy but I think this could be one of the best strategies to make a good profit with a lower risk of losing your money. Basically the way this strategy works is to place tickets that have 1 or 2 matches with very low odds(1.05-1.10). After you win the first ticket, then you place all your winnings on the next ticket and so on until you reach your goal. The type of bets you can choose are mostly on goals(over 0.5 goals), because all you need is one goal to be scored by either of the time during the entire match so it's kind of hard not to happen. Has anyone of you tried this strategy before and how did it worked for you? I've personally tried it a couple of times, made some profits most of the times but I don't like because it takes a lot of patience which I don't have.
  3. I don't know why we should even bring into discussion the survival of Stake in 2020. Of course it will survive and become even bigger and greater than it ever was and thats because it has a great community of players that is here to support it. Stake is one of the best gambling websites and I don't see any reason why 2020 wouldn't be a great it for Stake
  4. It's definitely not a good idea to bet if you have no idea about the sport but honestly I've seen people winning in sportsbetting without having any knowledge at all. Sometimes sportsbetting can also be just a game of luck because it's all about picking a winner between 2 teams playing and from what I have seen in the last couple of months anything can happen, even an amateur team can beat a pro team(just an example)
  5. This is obviously a great idea and I wonder why they didn't started working on this earlier. I would personally like to get a mug with Stake logo and also a photo with 4 A's from the Hilo because it's my favorite game. This way I can enjoy drinking my coffee /tea or whatever while I'm playing on Stake, perfect combination
  6. I wonder if we can set a record for the thread with most replies on the internet, lol
  7. Faucets are always a waste of time, doesn't matter how you put them. Some may think that on the long term if you keep collecting every day for a couple of month you will get yourself a nice amount of coins at the end but think if it's worth to spend that much time everyday for the amount of money you will get at the end. For me personally it's definitely not worth it I don't don't for you guys
  8. In my case, I'm almost never satisfied until I don't reach my target. So if I would win an amount of money that is big, but not quite enough what I wanted I would gamble it until I reach the target that I had in my mind or obviously until I lose everything. It's a bit silly and greedy to do that because often you can lose everything and when you think about it that was a pretty big amount of money.
  9. I think that's one of the best features you can find on slots because instead of waiting and playing hundreds of spins to get a bonus you could just pay 100x or so and get it instantly. Of course this is more risky, depending on the volatility of the game but it's basically saving you a lot of time. The problem is that Stake slots have a bad bonus, meaning there is nothing special about it and there isn't a potential to win bigger. If they would change it then I would like to buy bonuses but not now.
  10. Vladv26

    Free spins

    The one thing that everyone loves about slot games are the free spins or different bonuses they offer because it gives you a higher chances of big wins by giving you different features and increased winnings. But my question is, is there anything special about free spins on Stake slots? I mean what's the point of winning free spins if they are just normal spins but free? You don't get x2, x3 wins, you don't get more wilds, you don't get any kind of special feature and as I said they are just normal spins. Besides that it's also hard to get them because sometimes you can play hundreds of spins without getting the free spins. This takes away all the enjoyment you have for winning the free spins because after you lost hundreds of x's you get 15 free spins that pay 10-20x. Anyone else also thought about this? What's your opinion? Do you think Stake should add some kind of bonuses and features during free spins?
  11. Even though Suns lost their last 4, they haven't played that bad because 2 of those games were lost by a 1 and 2 point difference. Still, it's hard to trust the Suns right now and I personally knew this moment is going to come at one point during the season. They are not a team they were last season, ending up on last place but they are also not a team that can compete for playoffs.
  12. I don't really like the slots available on Stake. I mean, don't get me wrong they are OK, they are nice because it's a new type of game and it could be fun but I just don't see the potential in this game. It's extremely hard to get a big multiplier, even in the free spins which should give you a higher chance.
  13. Well, every time a new year begins people come up with this kind of sentences about a new beginning. I'm going to start going to the gym at the beginning of next year, I'm going to start working on that at the beginning of next year and so on. But most of them actually don't do absolutely anything and nothing chances from the previous year. A new beginning doesn't have to start necessarily at the beginning of a day, month of year, but I could be at any second in your life that you decide it.
  14. I personally don't use faucets at all these days because they are just paying way to low and the chances of me winning anything from that are very low. This might be a bad thinking because I know I could get a lot of shots of winning a big bet if I just collect the faucet and try my luck everytime but I personally think it's a waste of time
  15. Honestly I think that would be a dream come true for almost anyone. I would personally just take a break and go to a vacation where I can relaxed my body and my mind because they are both very exhausted right now. With the remaining money I would buy something nice for myself, probably a car and also invest some of them.