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  1. This looks like a great offer. The website looks good, it's simple and you can use it from any platform. Will definitely join it and participate in this contest since I have some experience with gambling and I'm sure I can take on of those prizes
  2. Hy everyone. For a long time I've been wondering about the way people complete challenges from stake competitions so fast. For example let's talk about the current Mines challenge. In order to complete the challenge you have to hit a x600 and right now over 100 persons have done that. What's surprising for me is that a few hours after the challenge is posted, a few persons already completed it. Personally I find extremely difficult to complete most of the challenges since I would be satisfied if I hit a x100 on mines but what about x600. Yes, you have about 1 week to complete the challenge but still there are a lot of users who haven't won a x600 in their whole life since they are playing on Stake. So, for those of you who constantly participate in competitions and complete challenges how do you do that? You just play for hours trying to find the winning bet or are you just very lucky? Because I don't think there is any strategy to get high multipliers, even though that's possible.
  3. As you said even if that's not 1000x, it's more than half of it. x130 for 5 times means x150 minus the balance that you used to hit that its still more than x500 wich is absolutely phenomenal in such a short time, of only 30 minutes. You did a good job when you decided to continue after hitting the first and second x130 because sometimes it's just your lucky day and cannot stop winning so you have to push it to the maximum and get all the winnings available. Keep it going and hope you and all of us will hit the same streak but with x10006!
  4. That's right, starting card doesn't have anything to do with the following cards but it's very important to know that cards are not randomly placed, at least thatd how I see it. Cards are placed in such a way to mislead you and make you choose the wrong option. For example if you have three cards with values 5,6,7 you mind automatically thinks about choosing high but this is a trick to fool you. I'm the same time this could be a trick to fool you the other way, since the game knows there are some people who would think about what I said earlier and choose low but it will hit something big like a 10. In this game you have to use your intuition, this is very very important.
  5. Vladv26

    Picking of tiles.

    Choosing the tiles where bombs have landed in last round is a good strategy but a lot of time it will happen to discover that you have the same pattern as the last round and bomb are placed exactly in the same position. I tend to think that every round mines are randomly chooses but from what I've seen that's not always true since many times I found a bomb in the same place for 2 or 3 rounds in a row. What I like to do is choose random tiles. For me that's the best strategy since I don't have to worry about what tile to choose and it a happens randomly but again, it seems strange the way this feature is working. A lot of times when I choose random tiles it just picks 3-4 tiles that are close to each other and it's pretty obvious there is a higher possibility of find a bomb there
  6. Vladv26

    All or nothing?

    Sometimes I like to just go all the way for the big win, because in your head you are thinking : OK, so I have a 50x win now but I'm only 2,3 mines away from a 250x win so why don't play for that when I can? It seems super easy but you quickly realize that you have not idea what tile you should choose because in hour head the sound of bombs is playing. When this happens I just go and press the button to pick a random tile, this way I know if life wants me to have a big win it will land on a diamond. If not that's it, we have to lose hundreds of times before we can win.
  7. I choose one because I usually use only small balances to play with so playing on big bets would only allow me to place a few bets and than its all gone. Hitting a high multiplier is hard, probably very hard but I think it's safer than playing with high bets since many times you b get busted at the beginning. Like when you play mines there is a high chance of hitting a bomb 3 times in a row and most of your balance would be gone.
  8. E sports betting are not so popular because nowadays only the teens watch other people playing games on pc in tournaments. Also esports betting is different than sports betting since you have to change the way you analyze a match. You never know if a team feels good or not in the day of the match and also like many sport players there are days when you play at your maximum and days when you play horrible.
  9. Don't worry, you will get it back soon if you just spend a little more time to understand the game. Tennis has changed a lot in last years because top players get old and retire and the new generation is coming so it takes some time to understand their game and to find if they have potential or not to become a top 100 player.
  10. Hy there, so you have any promotions available for new members? Like a bonus for the first deposit? Or a no deposit bonus available for testing the website? Thanks
  11. House edge doesn't affect me at all. Even if there would be a 20% house edge, if I like to play something than I'm going to do it. I keep saying this and I belive its true: it's all about luck. House edge could be 50% but if you are lucky you can hit the biggest jackpot and just take a lot of money from that casino even though their house edge is so big. Of course, 50% is very exagerate but I was just trying to explain something.
  12. Well if you can afford to lose that money then you are free to make a deposit on Stake but if you want to make some profit from it there are better methods to invest it and also safer. I would personally invest in sports gambling, create a good strategy and pay attention to my bankroll because on sports gambling you know you have a chance to win. On Stake and other casinos its pretty much a game of luck. If you have been playing on Stake for a long time and you know how most game works you could work on a strategy and follow it in order to get some profit but still that's hard to do. As I said earlier this is a game of luck and doesn't matter what strategy you develop and use nothing is 100% safe.
  13. My biggest profit on Stake was 0.002btc and I only used the funds earned from this forum so that was pretty good I think. I don't play a lot on Stake but when I do I always try to go for a profit as high as possible and that's one of the reasons I lose most of the times. I'm sure I am not the only one doing that.
  14. I never done this and never thought about doing it. For me it's basically the same thing. As long as I have acces to that balance at any time if I fell the need to play I am going to take it and play. As long as my funds are not locked somewhere and have my acces blocked to them I will always play with everything I have because we all do that. My personal opinion is that vault is pretty useless on Stake because you can get your funds out immediately after you have deposited them there so of you think for a moment, what's the point of it? I think the vault should have an option to be locked for a certain period of time, of course this would be done with your agreement so that you can't have acces to the funds and it's absolutely impossible to open that vault until the timer goes off.
  15. One option you should take in consideration is buying from a local person who sells bitcoin for cash. This doesn't necessarily have to be a person from your town where you can meet with him to make the trade because it is very dangerous and you can potentially be robbed but I talking about someone you can find online on a forum maybe wich has a very good reputation from selling bitcoin. It doesn't necessarily have to be a local person, you can go to bitcointalk and find lots of reputable sellers and you also have the option of escrow (you hire a 3rd party person who is going to make sure the transaction runs smoothly and everyone is happy)