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  1. I play on multiple websites but Stake is my favorite and I spend my most time on it. I use other websites to play slots but hoping the slot game coming on Stake will be a nice one so that I can only use one website for gambling
  2. I don't set goals monthly and that's because I don't have a fixed bankroll, meaning i always deposit different amounts of money and also gambling is not a source of income for me. I'm just playing and try to win as much as possible, most of the times I am happy with little but I don't mind getting some big withdrawals.
  3. Honestly, nothing. I'm just cursing and keep telling myself why didn't I do that or that. It's true that sometimes I eat during gambling but that's not necessarily because I have a habit of eating while gambling. When I'm gambling I like to sit comfortably in my bad, relax and concentrate on the game and try to win more. If I do other actives while gambling then I wouldn't pay my attention to the game no more meaning I would probably lose more.
  4. Did you guys ever thought about how your life would look like if you would stop gambling? It's been around 5 years since I started gambling and honestly this has already become a habit for me. During their free time other people like playing sports, playing on pc/phone or any other activities but most of the time I like gambling whenever I have some time available. I gamble almost every day and it's like gambling has already become a part of my life. I can imagine how my life would be without gambling but honestly I don't know if I want to live that life even though I know gambling is bad. What about you?
  5. I ignore most of the challenges because I only play about 2-3 games on Stake because I don't like playing the other ones mainly because I have bad luck. So if there is a challenge available for one of those 3 games that I like then I would try to compete it but I never bother a lot about it. If I manage to do it from a few hundred bets then its alright, if not I will stop trying because even with the reward I receive I would lose money
  6. Well, if we are honest Stake already is one of the top crypto gambling casinos along with Primedice because we can see there are a lot of players active everyday that are wagering important amount of money. Obviously in 3 years we should expect to have even more players and surely a lot more games available of all types
  7. Usually you don't see that much spam during a normal day because there arent so many people active so I guess you are active a lot if you notice this happening everyday. During challenges or races there is a lot of spam because a lot of people are giving rains but I'm sure Stake takes care of each one of those spammers
  8. I personally don't really like using discord and i think that's also how many people feel about it. In my opinion it would be better if they create a Stake group and promote that in order for people to be active. Because telegram is easier to use and more people know about it. It is also already used for challenges so why not create a group just for chatting and other stuff related to Stake
  9. For me it really depends on what activities i have to complete in that day. Sometimes I have to work in the morning, other time I have to work during the evening so i can't have a fixed hour or period for gambling since I don't really have time for that. I general I like to play in the evening before I go to sleep because I'm relaxed and gambling doesn't involved that much work or stress but I don't mind gambling in the morning and sometimes even during my launch or while I'm working somewhere
  10. Monese is a bank from UK that is currently paying 15€/£ for opening an account on their app. The whole process is very simple, you install the app create an account then verify your identity by sending a photo of your ID and a selfie, you order a debit card for free and after you make a transaction using that card you will receive 15€/£. The whole process is free, all you need to do is create the account and verify your identity then the card will be shipped to your address. When the card arrives you have to make a transaction (buying a juice, candy or anything from the shop) then you 15€/£ will be added to your card that can be withdrawn from the ATM or used for shopping. You need to live in one of this country to be able to create an account : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. If any of you are interested and eligible in this promotion I can help you with the process and I can also send you 2-3€ when your card arrives in order to complete a transaction. For those interested contact me with a private message.
  11. This happened to multiple users in the past days and there is no error from the server or Stake. The bot/account that tips you on Stake has emptied its balance and cannot pay users anymore so we just have to wait a few hours until the admins will come back to refill it.
  12. Strasbourg They've finished on 11th position last season in Ligue 1 but they managed to win the Coupe de la Ligue wich automatically sent them into qualification stages of Europe League. They already played 3 matches in the new season managing to get past Maccabi Haifa in the round 2 and they've won the first leg against Lokomotiv Plovdiv in round 3. They managed to keep their entire team from last season losing only two players Salmier and Pablo Martinez, those being replaced by Alexander Djiku from Caen and Lamine Koné from Sunderland. The captain Stefan Mitrovic scored the victory goal in minute 11, just 1 minute after the bulgarian team received a red card Strasbourg possible lineup(3-5-2): Sels; Djiku, Mitrovic, Kone; Carole, Lienard, Martin, Sissoko, Lala; Ajorque, Costa. Metz They managed to win the last season in League 2 so now they've been promoted to the elite league with the big teams. They played 7 friendly matches this summer but they've only recorded 2 wins, losing 3 of them and 2 ending in a draw. They kept a lot of the players from the last season, Cafú, Gauthier Hein, Jonathan Rivierez, Iván Balliu, Emmanuel Rivière being some players that were not so important and thats why they left the team. The players who left the team made enough place for the newcomers Thierry Ambrose and Victorien Angban from England and also Fabien Centonze and Kévin N’Doram, the last one coming as a loan from Monaco. Fabien Centonze, Papa Ndiaga Yade and Sami Lahssaini are all injuried and will miss this match. Metz possible lineup (4-3-3): Oukidja; Cabit, Boye, Sunzu, Centonze; Gakpa, Angban, Cohade; Boulaya, Diallo, Niane. This is surely not going to be an easy match for Strasbourg because they have to face the new promoted team wich is very motivated and has a lot of offensive players sitting at a pretty good value on the market. So I don't remove the possibility of Strasbourg receiving a goal in this match or even losing this match because they are also coming after the match in Europe League in Bulgaria. Still i think Strasbourg is the better and stronger team that has more experience in Ligue 1 and they should be able to win at least one half half from this match as they've proven in 6 out of their last 7 matches winning them all. My pick for this match is Strasbourg to win either half.
  13. You did the right thing and I'm happy to see we have such people on Stake. I think everyone that receives accidental tips should return that to the owner because anyway they are probably going to gamble and lose everything and maybe that person needed those coins for something important. Just think if you would have been in the situation of the person that accidentally sent you the tip and then take the decision of what you are going to do further. I bet you would like to get your coins fast if you make a mistake and send them to someone by accident so better do the same thing.