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  1. If I had to pick one of the card games, I would definitely choose Hilo because this one is the most entertaining game and it give me the possibility of a higher win. For example on Blackjack if you want to make a 10k satoshi profit you would have to bet 10k but on Hilo you can ever make a 1 satoshi bet and win 10k.
  2. Yes, I think it's possible to make a living out of sports betting and I've personally heard about some people that are doing that. The problem is you don't have a fixed and secured income every month. You might lose 50% of your bankroll on the course of one month, in the same time you could also double your bankroll in the course of one week.
  3. I've started betting a very long time ago but I remember the first time I won my first bet it was one of the best feelings you can have. It's very important to remember that feeling in your mind all the time and try to create bets in order to win and make you feel that again. That's is one of the secrets that can help you win more in sportsbetting, to always think positive
  4. The only persons that know the answer to this question are the developers but obviously if you ask them they won't tell you the real truth unless you are a good friend with one of them. I personally think that both online and offline(real life) casinos can be rigged and thats because the systems they use for bets are created by them, meaning they can be modified however they want in their advantage.
  5. Well, usually during the holiday season Stake is having a lot of big giveaways and races going on so surely there will still be plenty of people of the website even though it's Christmas day. I will probably take a quick look on the forum and the chat room to see what's going on and how's everyone doing but I don't think I will spend much time here.
  6. I think it is a great giveaway but obviously only for those people that are wagering huge amounts of money. I'm personally barely wagering $1000 in a couple weeks definitely I don't have any chance of participating in this giveaway since I don't think I will even be able to get at least one ticket. Anyways, good luck to everyone
  7. I also rely on the forum balance when I bust the money that I have deposited on Stake. I make some posts when I have free time available and I let the satoshis earned in my balance until I get to the point when I need them. It's good to see that this forum is not full of spammers anymore since the reward for posts has been decreased.
  8. I personally don't really care that much about the currency I'm playing with because in my head I make my calculations based on the value of those coins in USD. So for example if I have a balance of 100XRP this would be worth somewhere around 22$. If I make bets with 1% of my bankroll this means each bet I make has the value of approximately 0.2$ and if I win a 50x bet this means I win 10$. This makes everything more easier once you start getting used to it.
  9. This is obviously a promotions for high rollers and people that are gambling with huge amounts of money. I don't think you and others should worry because Stake will surely have some giveaways and promotions created for the other group of people, that are only gambling for fun and wagering small amounts of money.
  10. Usually the rains you receive in the chat are not so big, at least in my opinion. There is no point in withdrawing your balance, pay the fees for that and then deposit it right back and play because that's what most people are doing. So better just play with that balance, try to get to a decent balance and then withdraw
  11. I've also been experiencing that a couple of times and I know how it feels. Gambling is a complicated thing and so far no one has managed to find the algorithm that casinos use in order to pay the players. I think it's all based on luck, it doesn't have much importance the size of your bet.
  12. I know you probably heard this advice a lot but the whole secret is just to get started. Just start doing something(in your case a sport or go to the gym). I know at the beginning it will be very hard to accommodate but that's exactly why not everyone does it. But after you go a couple of times, most likely a couple of weeks you will get used to it and you will also start enjoying it. It will become a pleasure instead of a nightmare
  13. Sportsbetting is mostly a game of skill but to be honest a lot of times it is also a game of chance. There are a lot of surprises going on in all the sports, huge underdogs win everyday, goals or points are scored in the last minute or even seconds so in my opinion it's both a game of chance and luck
  14. That was not a bad ticket because you actually won 2 of the matches but unfortunately you have lost it because you played a ticket with all matches on it.