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  1. I don't know exactly but I think somewhere between x400 and x500. It wasn't on a big bet, it was probably on 100 satoshi because that's the bet I was using at that time so I won around 50k satoshi wich wasn't bad for just one bet.
  2. I would always suggest to choose the easier option and thats building your balance slowly, by gambling safer on small payouts but that's not easy to do especially after you've lost a big amount of money because most of the times you are angry and out of rage you will start gambling on big bets in order to try and recover your balance faster. So, it also depends on how much you've lost and you are trying to recover back.
  3. It's definitely a great idea because people usually get bored after playing a certain type of game for a few months in a row. Adding multiple type of slots will keep the interest and enthusiasm in players and will also attract new people to the website since a lot of gamblers only like to play slots.
  4. Moldova is currently on the last place in group H having just 3 points and scoring just 2 goals in 7 matches. They conceded 18 goals in 7 matches, and this is the reason why they are on last place. They lost the last match they played on Friday against Andorra, after playing with a red card from minute 55. Andorra scored the winning goals from the first and only corner they had. Albania is on 4th place in goeup H and they have no hope of qualifying further because they only managed to get 9 points out of 7 matches. They have 3 victories and 4 defeats in those 7 matches, winning against Andorra, Moldova and Islanda. They lost the last match they played on Friday, with Turkey scoring the winning goal in the 90th minute because of a mistake made by the goalkeeper. Moldova is one of the weakest team in the world and many players have started to refuse playing for it because of it's bad performance. Moldova team is very disorganized, each player doing whatever they want, that being the reason why they conceded 18 goals and have only scored twice. On the other side Albania is not the best team but they are definitely more organized and they play a better football. They conceded 10 goals but in exchange they also scored 10 goals so they are not so bad. In my opinion the difference between this two is big and there shouldn't be any doubt about the winner of this match. My pick for this match is Albania to win.
  5. France is currently on the second place in group H being equal at points with the number 1 Turkey. They currently have 18 points, the only match they lost being against Turkey. They have the best offensive so far scoring 20 goals in 7 matches wich is an average of almost 3 goals per match. They struggled in the last match they played on Friday, winning with 0-1 against Iceland after scoring from a penalty. Turkey is currently on the first place in group H and this is a performance that surprised a lot of people. They lost only one match so far against Iceland,winning the rest of 6 matches they played. Just like France, Turkey struggled in the last match they played on Friday winning with 1-0 against Albania after scoring in the 90th minute. They only conceded 2 goals so far in 7 matches. France will surely look for a revenge in this match after losing away at Turkey. This will be a match that will most likely decide the winner of this group and France surely wants it because they are the better team. France has scored 20 goals while Turkey scored 15 goals so this should be a great match to watch. All matches played by France at home have had over 3 goals and I think that's going to happen again. My pick for this match is over 2.5 goals.
  6. I never hit a bet higher than x1000 but that's only because I never aim to win such higher bets. I play a lot of Hilo and I managed one time to hit a x500 but didn't had the balls to hit one more card that would have put me over x1000. I also missed a few times x1000 on crash because I cashed out too early. It seems hard to get a x1000 but if you keep trying, it's impossible not to hit it at least once. But if you are like me and you only bet for x100 or x200 and then cash out then you can't get to x1000.
  7. Yeah, it definitely happened to me a few times because I'm playing mostly form my mobile phone and the buttons for betting and raising are pretty close to each other. It's good tough that it was only a small balance that I lost since I don't do big deposits very often. Also a few times I noticed my mistake in time and I managed to cash out a small profit instead of losing it all.
  8. Yeah, that's unfortunate it was not a bitcoin bet because the profit would have been absolutely huge and now you would have cashed out at least $20.000 instead of $200. That's a big difference and I'm sure you are disappointed a little but I think you should move on and next time be more careful. If you were able to hit this one time I'm sure at a certain point in the future you will also do it with bitcoin so just keep trying again.
  9. My first bet will be a huge parlay adding the winner of Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1 2019 and also the NBA 2020 champions. Hope this can make me a millionaire.
  10. Regardless of your status on Stake, whether your are brand new or been wagered tons of money the rules are the same for everyone and they should be respected. That's how things are working everywhere in the world and I don't see why this would be different on Stake. Of course, if you have a very popular and respected player that does one mistake wich is not very bad then he could get away with a warning or something like that but if we are talking about something serious then there is no excuse for him. You broke a rule so you are punished for that, end of story
  11. Hsieh Su-Wei is a 33 years old player from Taiwan that is currently ranked 29 in the world. She's coming at this tournament to defend her title won last year. In the last round she won against Priscilla Hon, in a match that took 3 sets and 32 games. Hsieh didn't played great as she offered her opponent a lot of break points and lost the first set 6-1,but in the end she managed to close the match and move further. Hsieh did not have a great 2019 year since her best result was only reaching the semi-finals at Dubai at the beginning of the year. Nao Hibino is a 24 year old player from Japan that is currently ranked 146 in he world. Even though she was an underdog in her last match she managed to win the first set with 6-1 and then her opponent retired in the middle of the second set. Nao managed to get all the way to 56 WTA ranking back in 2016 but since then it seems like she struggles to find consistency in her game. In 2019 she combined ITF and WTA tournaments but even so she rarely won more than 2 matches at a tournament. As I said earlier Hibino struggled all year to win more than 2 matches at a tournament even though she played a lot of ITF tournaments where you get weaker opponents.I don't see why here things would be different. Hsieh is not played at her best and she commits a ton of unforced errors almost every match but even so she should easily win this match. Everything is pointing towards Hsieh in this match as she won this tournament last year, she is better ranked and she won the last 2 meetings between this two. My pick for this match is Hsieh to win.
  12. The romanian Mihaela Buzarnescu drastically dropped in the ranking to number 129 WTA after last year she was in top 20 best players of the world. This happened because she got injuried last year and it seems like she's not yet fully recovered after that incident. She lost a lot of matches this year and most of the times she didn't even get past the first round of a tournament. She did managed to get past the first round at this tournament after beating Viktoriya Tomova in straight sets. Kurumi Nara is a player from Japan that is 27 years old and is currently ranked 182 WTA, her best ranking being 32 WTA back in 2014. This year the Japanese player combined ITF tournaments with WTA tournaments and her best result came at Rolland Garros where she managed to get to 2nd round. At this tournament she beat Tatjana Maria is straight sets in the first round but it was a hard victory. Looking at the performance of this players in the last round o think Buzarnescu showed better tennis as she had better serving and returning percentages and also hit more winners. The Japanese Nara is a weak player and doesn't have enough weapons to attack in this match. Buzarnescu will aim to win this match and move to the quarterfinals in order to reach her best result of this year. My pick for this match is Buzarnescu to win.