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  1. Heard about this challenge before and I've seen a few people try it but didn't followed their progress. I think you have some chances of achieving your goal but to be honest you gotta be pretty lucky. Yes there are hundreds of bets available at odds around 1.2 but the problem is there is still a chance you can lose that bet. I would say 2-3 matches out of 10 with the odd 1.2 are lost so the odds are not that big in your favor even though you still have higher chances to win. Anyway, I think it's possible to achive this and if you have done it before you can certainly do it again. Good luck and keep us updated because I'm interested to see your progress
  2. Well I broke about 3 phones because of gambling. Luckily I'm not talking about very expensive phones because everytime I bought them second hand at a cheaper price and I also wasn't buying recent phones. But still, I think I lost over 500$ just because I got nervous after losing and threw my phone to the ground as hard as I could.
  3. As long as you are consistent and willing to spend a lot of time for analysis I think you can make a good profit every month from sports betting. I've been involved with sports betting for almost 4 years now but honestly I don't take it very seriously and only bet on high odds placing a few bucks to win a couple hundreds or thousands so I lose a lot of tickets.
  4. I don't spend more than 1-2 hours a day on Stake and gambling sites and even so that doesn't happen everyday because I bust my balance everytime and don't have money available to play every day. From my experience I can say that playing for a few hours in a row completely ruins your mind and your eyes. You can't concentrate anymore and all you can see is the game and your balance either going down or up. You want to stop but it like you are a machine programmed to work automatically until it runs out of funds
  5. First of all before you even think about creating a strategy for races I think you have to be prepared with a good amount of money because that's what it takes in order to wager a lot. Because if you have 100k satoshi or so I find it almost impossible to wager a few bitcoins in order to win a decent prize
  6. I think at a certain point each of us has done this at least one time and even if we didn't want to do it, everything happened automatically because our subconscious mind wanted the ball to go in the direction to higher multipliers. I used to do this in shooting games to stay away from the bullets coming to me and I can say it is all from instinct because you realized you titled your head or phone only after the round is over
  7. I've seen multiple persons achieving this kind of winnings, moving from a very small balance to a decent amount of money and this doesn't happen only with Keno. I think it's very important to choose a game you like and a game that you feel good about because everyday it's different and your luck can appear in any game as long as you look for it
  8. Already a lot of coins are lost because people have lost their private keys and I think even more will be lost because people usually lose a lot of things. And even in f the price is very high right now and you might think everyone will be careful I'm sure there will be lots of people, especially beginners that forget their passwords and lose their private keys so slowly the amount of bitcoin available will be shortened. I think that will boost the price up and it's almost impossible to predict a number since it will take over 100 years for bitcoin mining to be completed and during this time anything could happen. We don't even know if bitcoin is still going to be used by people until them so there is no way anyone could give a good prediction about it.
  9. I dont think we should call ourselves gambling addicts because those kind of people are way worse than we are because they are gambling using money they don't won by borrowing or taking loans and sometimes even selling their phones, cars or even houses. The fact that you gamble everyday doesn't necessarily make you an addict as long as you can control yourself and gamble only using the money you can afford to lose. Regarding to your question,i don't know if I'm still going to be on Stake in 10 years from now. I have big plans for my life and gambling is not included in that so I'm planning to stop it as soon as possible since I lose more money than I win.
  10. That's why you should always listen to this phrase when gambling '' Never give up''. I know there was a real story about a person that has worked on a gold mine for a few years and after a very long time of working he decided to stop thinking there was nothing there. He sold the mine to someone else and guess what? A few meters below that person found the gold mine worth millions of dollars. The first person worked so hard but decided to give up too early and he lost a fortune because of that.
  11. Well, I got 2/4 picks right and that's pretty good. I went with Federer and he won that match but it was 2-0 so I think I will count that as a 50% win since you could have simply bet on him winning the match or you could have taken the game spread. Easy winner for Lopez- Simon and as I said Lopez had higher chances to win and that's what happened. Barty easily won 2-0 and Bencic choked at the end of the match losing 1-2 against Kenin. Anyway, I think that's pretty good and will continue posting my picks on the forum. I personally prefer to spend my money on a sports book rather than a casino because my chances are higher there since I have enough knowledge to choose the right bets. I can't wait for Stake to launch their sportbook and I hope it will become one of the best available out there just like their casino website is.
  12. It happens to me almost every time. When your multiplier is very big and you get a 2 for example it doesn't the fact that hitting the higher card pays only a small percentage because that small percentage is actually big considering your multiplier is already big. For example you have a 100x multiplier, by hitting the higher card for 2 this will instantly boost your multiplier to around 115x. And that's usually the time where most people bust because the game tricks you in such a way that you want to hit another card
  13. Honestly I prefer gambling most of the times because it's easier to play and you can just chill and wait for your luck to come and get you that big win. I don't think Stake will add any skill based game because that's not anymore in the area of a casino because it's a pvp game where a player plays against another player meaning there is no house involved so Stake wouldn't win anything from this.
  14. I never gamble using others people money because I know that if I lose it I'm going to be in big trouble. The problem with me is that I often gamble lots of the money I earn online and then I have to borrow money from friends to pay my bill so if you think about it, it's kind of the same thing just that I'm not asking money for gambling. I just want to point something out. If you have a fixed salary every month and you know for sure you are going to receive it then it's OK to take a loan and gamble using that money because theoretically you are gambling using your own money.
  15. This kind of jerks will always be around because it's just impossible to get rid of them since they are desperate for free money. The person that scammed you wasn't a genius for sure, maybe not even a smart person. This method is pretty old and I've seen multiple scammers using it mainly because it works sometimes since streams are ussualy busy and don't pay attention to small details. Asking for a selfie is to much in my opinion because we are not talking about a big amount of money. How about creating you giveaways on a different website? The easiest way would be on Google Forms by creating a survey and ask participants for their Stake username and also their Stake Forum username. You pick a winner from that list and send him the prize directly on Stake. It's still possible to have multiple entries but at least the number of alts will decrease.