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  1. Unfortunately its going to take at least a couple of months to create a treatment for this virus. The entire world is in quarantine right now and they are trying to slow down and eventually stop this virus. But from what I can see right now I think we can expect at least 2 months of break from all sports and maybe even more if the situation is not completely fixed after this period of time
  2. Yeah, this is something that no one could have ever predicted to happened. Everyone thought that bitcoin and in general the cryptocurrency market is going to be green because halving is going to take place in about 1 month from now. But looks like this came as a surprise and it came like from no where, it just ruined everything in our lives. Hopefully it's all going to be over soon, and we can all enjoy our summers this year
  3. I think you are right about everything. Even though we know that the casino is provably fair and it is not rigged we still think in our mind that it is rigged and it does in such a way just to make us lose our balance. You can't say the same thing about sports because you rarely find matches that are fixed and most of the fixed matches take place in lower tiers and competition that almost no one pays attention to. In sports book it's also easier to win if you have some knowledge about the sport you are placing bets on.
  4. I think $10.000 is way to low in order for me to stop gambling for my entire life. Of course this money would definitely help me right now to solve some of the problems I have in my life but think about the fact that this money is soon going to be over. It's not like you get a 1 million dollars that you can spend your entire life if you know how to manage it. This is only $10.000 and most likely it will be gone in a couple of months. What are you going to do after that? Live your entire life knowing that you can't even place one more single bet, you can't enjoy the sound of winning or even losing at slots? I definitely would not accept something like that for just 10.000$
  5. It's pretty strange how the distribution of this monthly cupon works. I also have a friend that had no wager at all during the last month and he received 10 times higher monthly reload than me. I really don't understand how such a thing is possible but I have seen that this doesn't happen only to me, it happens to multiple players on Stake
  6. This is a good idea for a new game and it's also going to be easy to create it. But Stake only focused on adding new and unique games while this one is available on a ton of other casinos online
  7. At the end of the day you are anyway going to gamble everything you get from the cupon so what doesn't it matter if you get all of it one time or you have to wait 5 days to receive all of it? The only advantage of the 5 days reload are that you have "free coins" for 5 days to gamble so you won't have to deposit from your own pocket during this period. But still, I think people should be able to choose if they want to receive all of the bonus at once because this will at least save their time, becaude they will know during that day if they made a profit or if they lost everything.
  8. Nothing is safe in bitcoin market and this rule is available for the entire cryptocurrency market. Everyone was saying that bitcoin resistance is strong at 6800$ and the resistance level at 5500$ is even stronger and its impossible to be broken. But what happened is that both of these resistances were broken and bitcoin dropped lower than 5000$ in just 48 hours. So bitcoin doesn't have to do anything, the market can always move up or down with a couple thousands dollars in a matter of a couple hours.
  9. Bitcoin.org is a website where you can find all information about bitcoin and this is good especially for beginners. Bitcoin.org was created especially to help new people discover more about bitcoin and how it was created or how it works. While bitcoin.com was created just for profits, or at least that's what they are using it for now. When you access bitcoin.com they will promote to you their exchange, how to buy bitcoin cash, how to use their own wallet and other things like that. So obviously the point of this website is to advertise their business and make profit out of it while bitcoin.org just wants to help everyone.
  10. If he is the real creator of bitcoin than why didn't he reveal himself earlier? Why did he had to wait 10 years to reveal himself and besides that he did it when nothing special happened with bitcoin. The real creator of bitcoin choosed to remain anonymous for a reason and he will remain like that probably for his entire life. And if he decides to reveal himself at some pint i am sure that's going to happen on a special occasion. Maybe when bitcoin archives 25 years since being created.
  11. Bitcoin is always influencing all the altcoins from the market. In fact I think bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that dictates the market condition. I have noticed that when bitcoin price starts going up all the altcoins are following it. For example if bitcoin goes up with 10% in the last 24 hours you will notice that almost all altcoins have also gone up with at least 5% in the last 24 hours
  12. I often play in real casinos but just like in your city I don't have that big casinos available like you see in last Vegas. I just have a couple of casinos available and those are small ones. But usually I play in sportsbook agencies where they have slot machines available. I play around 10-100$ everytime I go there snd I can't say that I am in profit but I also didn't lost huge because most of the times I am happy with a small profit. I play there just for the fun because I enjoy sitting on that chair, just relaxing and listening to the sound that those machines make. Of course, sometimes I lose control and gamble everything I have in my wallet, sometimes even a couple hundred dollars and that's when I really get upset and I take a break a couple of weeks from playing. But in general, as I said I go there when I want to relax and forget about everything
  13. Betting on tennis table these days is all about luck. Yes, there are tons of tennis table matches available but most of the players are amateurs or professionals that you can't even find any information about. There aren't any big tournaments going on on tennis table, meaning you won't see some of the top players playing right now. All you have available is tournaments from Russia where young and retired professional players are playing. For some of them you can find their recent history of matches, for other you can't even find that. So there is nothing you can guide from to decide which player to bet. There is no ranking, no previous tournaments and not even information about the players. Better avoid it
  14. That's what a casino should be about, the players and the community that is created around it. There are hundreds of other casinos available on the internet but I've never seen one similar to Stake. They all care only about themselves and their own profits while Stake is interacting with their players every day and it's offering them bonuses and promotions and reloads just to make them happy.
  15. It takes so long for Stake to develop and launch a new game because they are always careful to launch their own unique games that you cannot find on any other casino. Of course it would be easy to just steal an idea for a game from other casinos and create the same game but only change a few things but that wouldn't make Stake an unique casino anymore. Even though we have to wait a couple months for a new game I am alright with that because I know that when the game will be launched its going to be a really good game