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  1. MINES: 24,922,193,360 placed by babyface on 26/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 2828.73x Profit 0.00000000
  2. woohhhh i see.. that's why other player create an alt.. thanks for this 😁😁 i have only 1 account,, i thought 1 account is enough 😁😁
  3. sometimes if you do 100 rolls on slots, no big payout but in keno,, you can hit that so for me,, keno keno keno hahaha 😁😁
  4. i'll change my seed when my playing is many reds.. then I'll try to play other games 😁😁 sometimes it helpful for me but most of the times,, many reds again hahaha
  5. sana may visual o pattern dito na pwede natin bisitahin maya't maya para may guide tayo sa pagtaya sa sportsbet 😁😁
  6. here's mine my biggest hit and i'll get burn hahaha 😁😁
  7. hello arri 😁😁 eto naman sakin ang pinaka malaki kong tinamaan at nagliyab ako hahaha.. october 16, 2019 pa sana maulit 😁😁 sana makahuli pa tayo ng malalaking payout goodluck sa atin 😁😁
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