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  1. Ok see u on Stake send me friend request to start conversation...
  2. We just talk once (from my other account) Username - Bodke1992 If u really wish u can send me friend request on above username...
  3. What 7000 $ (means INR 5,00,000/-) bro u need to made proper gambling otherwise its totally bad. Gambling is pretty fun but its really has ability to earn or loose big amount of money. If u have this much big bankroll then u really made big mistake by losing that much. As per me if i had that much then its really good to make at least 1% daily easily and enjoy that 1% profit. Because in india Inr 5000/day is really good earning. Now u playing with how much to recover that... If u need any good strategy contact me... (be clear i m not gonna ask u any money) (i m also from same city where u live i.e. Pune)
  4. Whoever say that match is fixed does not mean website is rigged. we placing bet on website. If they think match fixed then why they would betting on team which is gonna loose that match. Gambling is not for people who don't trust others...
  5. Right Gambling is give us profit and losses. But we get maximum time losses. so before we loose we really need to take care of personal life which gonna affect due to our gambling. I already learn and doing gambling responsibly i facing so many losses from November 2019 & still continue (more than 1200-1300$) but still no worry (because this all loss is just 40% part of pure profit from gambling which i loose) Now i m not doing any deposit and just playing with free coins received from rains, coupons, rewards etc...
  6. Deposit not matter ur coupon amount. It just wager which is matter at most. Higher the wager higher would be coupon amount. just don't forgot to deposit at least single time in account u were using. (single time from start of account) Keep playing, keep winning and keep loosing.
  7. Sports book is more profitable as per me. because here u can't complain that website is rigged. Result of match not in hand of website where as in casino games we think that website is rigged because it giving so many losses and eating all balance sometimes. so just do sports bet and make best possible from it. and one this Stake has launched sports bet but still stake sports book is not giving us full exposure of possible bets and better odds like other website. only thing good regarding stake sportsbook is their look, presentation and user friendly compare to other website.
  8. Sports bet is same like casino only. but only thing is different is that Casino can't control result of Sports bet... so just select odds and just hope to win. Every game is very good to make profit...
  9. Don't think more about that. Ur prize not gone anywhere.... just its coming late don't make anything... (it means u gonna bust it after few days when it comes)
  10. I totally accepting this is my wrong decision.... because in jan month i made more than 100-200$ on 3-4 occasion and busted .... (no single withdrawal even after this much good profit) -Loss of 600+$ in Jan 2020 -Even in Feb 2020 till now more than 250$ loss without withdrawal... i really don't know how to control my greed and start making withdrawal like what i doing before November 2019.... (i made some cool withdrawal from June - October 2019) after that i totally made wrong decisions and it still going on...
  11. yes it happens. but i think if we betting multi bet and winning nearly all matches except last one is race occasion. only once i bet 0.35 xrp on total odds of 249x. but fairly talking i just bet anonymous bets and all that matches were live when i were sleeping. in morning i wake up and find lucky 87xrp win...
  12. I don't think so that would work. Because if we able to control yourself we can stop playing wrong games. otherwise if u want to play that game u can easily choose way to create new account. Be clear controlling mind 100% to too difficult. but we can achieve at least 70-80% In gambling if u trying ur luck then just remember never loose hope & even (never loose hard earn money if can't afford)
  13. I really don't know anything about Bitcoin mining and how it works, Means day by day minner mining bitcoins and bitcoin circulation in market keep increasing ??? am i right... who is deciding how much bitcoin remaining to minned, and how its mined with miner. Is new supply of bitcoin in market affect price of bitcoin... how much cost will it take to mine 1 bitcoin in single month...
  14. some website never work with seed. (just showing off seed but result never change accordingly) But some probably fair websites really change probability of win when we change seed. we need to prefer such websites.... As per me stake is not rigged but in stake changing seed not matter at all. (winning or losing probability remain same.)
  15. Playing blackjack is really nice. but i found myself difficult when we playing it online casinos. i would recommend online (live casino) or playing in real casinos. so many online casinos were totally rigged. i never win anything while playing blackjack (even on stake or other websites) i follow strategies shown by eddie but it still not working for me. i know strategy wont give guarantee of win but i feeling rigged after so many loss streaks like continue 20 or more losses in ...