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  1. Then only top poster were gonna active and forum will not be much active like current one. Stake already giving more than 0.1 btc per month on stake forum. It would be better for stake as burden of stake will reduce but they will loose big number of forum user definitely.
  2. I also agree with this. When we put any bet id Challenge host need to check and its increase his unnecessary work. I think this users need to mute for 5-10 min after posting wrong bet. This would help to reduce such bet id spams. I already suggested this to support but they not agree with this.
  3. Stake doing so many changes. They removed rainbot and implement new RainbotNG. now again they start old rainbot stake and team really need to focus on website maintenance properly before doing this thing. website were giving so many errors and so many times. hope they solve it soon....
  4. I know that bad challenge from Dose. Blackjack with 5 Zeros. Its tooooooooooo time consuming challenge challenge need to be hard but not need to be like this one. challenge need to be like which gonna end in 15-30 mins. i think we need to give some good idea to dose for challenge...
  5. Something has no end. or it might end after our generation end. stake is really nice casino its can easily know by its number of user. i don't think stake will end in near future. stake is long run horse its just 2 years baby.
  6. VIP challenge were good but still need some luck otherwise we can make loss their also. In current mines challenge minimum hit of 20x required. -If u don't get 20x in 20 rolls (its time to start count loss) -we can't predict weather 20x gonna came in 20 rolls and -if u got that 20x roll after 30 rolls then its definite loss. As bet amount is big loss also big. If u able to get in top 10 then it might be possible to get good profit.... In last week challenge -VIP challenge winners after 10th position got 52k satoshis -Normal challenge every winners get 54k satoshis what u this which is better ??? As per me VIP challenge is only better if ur goal is to came in top 10.
  7. We can't predict its coming in 100 rolls or 1000 rolls. i also don't get 5 scatter till now. something not for every person. like -1000x in plinko -1000x in keno -5 scatters or 5 pharaohs -Royal flush some people never got this hits in their entire game play on stake till now. (and even never going to get)
  8. Stake were doing so many mistakes now a days... Some getting rectified and some not. -changes in transaction tab so many times - removal of profit from state - no mail verification for vault withdrawal. Even posting nonsense thing on official telegram channel. For example. This post gives as giveaway in telegram. (What kind of this giveaway only stake know)
  9. This is what gambling called. we can't predict what happen at anytime. Like i experienced. -7 losses in 11 bets on 1.01x (limbo) -4 wins in around 1,100 bets on 9900x (dice but not on stake) so expect unexpected when gambling....
  10. My target is 300$ or more in every month. (its small but even i m small user) and even i playing without depositing anything from my pocket.... i just increase my monthly target from 150$ to 300$ from this month... (in current month till now i made 300$ but busted 200$ yesterday (on 13th jan) and now i need to learn control when having big balance... i can control myself when having small balance but not when having big balance.
  11. Its gambling there is nothing other than profit make us happy. i also like to chat, rains, making friends but always concentrat to make profit. when we don't have balance we like i like to interact with other in chat, forum etc.
  12. Right Mines always need need calculator. its always difficult to know what we hunting in mines. For small multipliers we can remember but for big multiplier we can't remember number of mines and diamonds.
  13. I think keno is good compare to plinko. but even sometime keno start eating our coins like plinko... i don't like both games but when i want to play any one of them then i prefer keno instead of plinko...
  14. There is yearly bonus from stake and we already got that. (stake birthday) won't u think stake birthday is like yearly bonus but not on new year but on time when stake complete their year.... stake always giving us bonus when its really need to give. We don't need to expect unnecessary bonuses. stake never ignore even their small users.