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  1. Lol, thats sound too ugly. Forget about horoscope. what u think about sticking to same strategy for long time on gambling website. I won big in single day and loose that all from same strategy means horoscope can't help u in any such thing...
  2. I also feel such thing so many time. some time like if u win more it give u so much losses. and some time after u loose more it give big winning streaks also. i faced both but want to tell about one different wining streak (too old times). -I were loose around 0.001btc -then i claimed 0.00001200 eth from faucet -after that i just playing some games on 2x and what i got around 10-12 winning streak and i made around 0.012 eth from that faucet in just 10-12 bets....
  3. There is no need of big hit always, We need long green streak to reach desired target, but some time risk gives u reward too faster. once i play very slowly and busted around 0.002btc in race and after end of race i got 1333 satoshi rain. so i want it to bust 1st bet - Win 2x on dice 2nd bet - win 2x on dice 3rd bet - win 2x on dice 4th bet - win 2x on video poker 5th bet - win 22x on video poker from that 1333 satoshi i made 0.0047 in just 5 bets totally unexpected run.
  4. Yes some time it happens. I already experiance so many unexpected results when not expected, but i never play on big multiplier. I play with small multipler and long winning streaks. i get rain on other website were i made that 16 dogecoins to 4000 dogecoins with 1.10-1.20x multiplier. I know it took too more bets but what matters is profit..... (only 30-40 min time spent for same)
  5. I heard it from eddie that there is 1 diamond user, but don't know whose that. but i wonder what is need of diamond star. its too big and long way for me to bronze and i can't think of silver even. its really wonder how people can bet this much tooo in gambling. Yea there is scope to win big but still chance of loose is same...... i want to know how much wager required to reach Diamond rank.
  6. Hey where is button for 0. I think i would have 0 rafale ticket till end of promotion. Never had big balance like this much to get raffale ticket. By the way its good promotion to win in prize pool of 25000k $.
  7. I don't even think i would getting any ticket. Already busted so much and don't have balance to wager now. Hope i get some balance to wager. But today i want to play Megarace but damn unlucky on other website. (on other website i loose 50$ due to forgot to reset autobet setting)
  8. XRP is better than TRON. Tron and similar but we can use coin which is most popular. We are gambler and using more than 1 websites. and for that we need to use currency which available on more websites. We can exchange coins but still there is exchange fees. I rarely exchange coins... so i prefer XRP, Doge and Ether for gambling compare to all other coins.
  9. Wagering for raffle is totally bad thing. I don't like to wager and even its not for me. I think they need to be sell ticket for few $ like 1-10$.
  10. We really happy to celebrate Christmas with stake. Christmas theme is already applied on stake website.
  11. I also change Seed before playing TG challnege. I won TG challenge 2 Time in last week. Changing seed is always work to play TG challenge. But for real games i don't recommend it.
  12. I Just Started Forum post few days back, I also feeling getting some free money when having 0 balance. But i don't think making some post and withdrawing small amount would help me. I just started and want to accumulate big balance on forum and then only like to withdraw. My target is 0.01btc, till that time i won't gonna withdraw same.
  13. I Even don't like both games. Both games just eat my balance whenever i start paying Plinko or Slots. I m playing on stake from June 2018 but still now i didn't get single 1,000x in Plinko. (i played plinko so many times earlier, now just playing at time of TG challenge) and slots it not that much bad compare to Plinko but still not getting any profit from slots. (Slots kill balance too slowing but definitely)
  14. My Game changing from time to time. -First i started with Hi-lo and mines -later i switched to chartbet -Limbo -Keno - and finally now i m playing hi-lo again as my favorite game. don't know but in future there might be change in favorite game.
  15. I like to participate Stake Megarace only . other races were not worth participating. But unluckily i don't have balance exact on Saturday so many times. (Till now i won Mega race 2 time in last month with top 50 position)