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  1. KENO: 18,056,550,788 placed by Shekhar1992GL on 05/03/2020 Wagered 0.03700000 Multiplier 450x Profit 16.61300000 99.99 DICE: 18,086,351,023 placed by Shekhar1992GL on 06/03/2020 Wagered 0.10000000 Multiplier 1.0102x Profit 0.00102041 33.33 DICE: 18,086,808,710 placed by Shekhar1992GL on 06/03/2020 Wagered 0.100000
  2. Winning such big amount is dream only for me currently. if luckily i got that 7k$ I definitely gonna withdraw 5k $ directly to back. then i would gamble more but daily target will reduce so much then compare to current one. when we have small balance its difficult to reach or need more risk to reach daily target. I already got 7 raffale tickets till now hope i got luckily in this raffle...
  3. you are right I made good profit which is 3-4 time more then my monthly target in Jan 2020 but my greed end all of that profit to dust. i not gonna do that again. I m doing good in gambling from last 8 months overall. i m not supporting my gambling from my money its totally from free money like rain, faucets, coupons, rewards etc... So there would be no no single chance of ran out of funds because there is no funds actual which gonna end....
  4. It is really possible in gambling addiction. Gambling is not bad just this kind of addiction for gambling is bad. i m gambling from nearly 2 years but never gonna gamble my house to earn money. some people who taking such wrong decisions will gonna loose everything. we need to control our greed and make some rules for gambling The rules which we no need to break at any cost.
  5. Its gambling, Strategy of one user will not work for other user. its like one person luck never work for other user. sometime same strategy not work for same user for long time. just start playing small and start making ur own strategy.
  6. Hi guys, I m use who play with free coins only. I really facing worst days in gambling from last 4 months which ended now. My monthly target is 150$. i were doing good in gambling from Jun to Oct 2019. but change my strategy to made big profit then my target started making mess. November I got around 100$ from coupons and withdraw just 60-70$. (mean no profit and even loose 30-40$ received from coupon) December Again got over 150$ from coupons and not able to withdraw single $. (mean busted all money) January In Jan i got around 10$ in coupon & 50$ in Eddie'
  7. Hi everyone, I m doing gambling from last 20+ months (nearly 2 years) I really thankful to gambling to teach me some lessons regarding real life and money controlling. (means Giving me worst situation of life ) because we learn more when we facing big issue. then just change way of look towards gambling and started making my own strategy... From that time (June 2019) i never made any loss sometimes there is bad months were so single withdrawals but there is no single month where i made loss of at least 1$. I made over 1500 $ from June 2019. Only one thing i doing that never
  8. I just got single raffle ticket at last christmas event. i not got any prize in top 15. but eddie has give every user coupon. (who has at least single raffle ticket) i got 0.0014 btc in that coupon which is more than house edge of 1000$ (which i wager that time) i got 7 tickets till now in current raffle event.
  9. I m not big gamblers. I have doubt about weather i gonna get any ticket till end of this promotion. but as my luck start shining i do some good wagering as well as profit and got 7 raffle ticket till now. but now i busted my remaining balance of 100$ now again waiting luck till next luck has doubt that weather i gonna get further ticket or not...
  10. Before start this kind of post and shouting at loud, just understand website and how its work check all thing of autobetting its not website mistake its ur mistake buddy. there so many users make such mistakes. Just learn from ur mistake and don't leave ur Gambling session without stopping autobet settings....
  11. We all love him. Not because just because of his website is to good but because he is also very good guy. i like to watch his every stream whether i win giveaway or not. He is not normal owner who remain behind curtains and just support member interact with users. weather he is in gambling business he is really good man. Because He always suggest users never gamble money which u can't afford to loose.
  12. There is really good sessions has everyone. I m not big players who taking risk till reach 270k dogecoins. My good session where i made -1000 satoshi to 0.005 btc -1K doges to 69k doges -1$ to 260$ this are sessions were i made withdrawal It is possible to made above figures even big by taking some risk, but i m happy with this much figures. Because there are some good sessions then above mentioned but not made withdrawal and busted same. something is always better than nothing...
  13. We all are gamblers We love money more compare to other things. From all users 90% users answer is simple that they will choose 7000$ in BTC. I m not saying that VIP F1 trip gonna be worthless of 7000$ but most of users not gonna like to spend 7000$ on trip at any cost. only very few users whose bankroll is more than 50 btc they might choose this trip if they won. and having 50+ btc in bankroll is not joke. i hope someone who really need big bankroll like 7K $ win this prize.
  14. Its just their luck at that movement. Getting big multiplier is always risky and worthless in real game. In challenges everyone just participate just to get some free coins. In current month i won TG challenge 4 + times Keep faith in ur luck and wish u best of luck for next time...
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