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  1. Well, first I'd like to have a normal shape, because I don't really think I'm in a good shape today, so that would be cool for me to get healthier Hmm... Why not, but a few years ago, I heard someone get hurt during this challenge and that it wasn't really good to do this challenge, I'll try to learn more about this challenge I've already been to the gym many months ago, but the problem is I get discouraged and lazy, and I just stop going there, even I know I enjoy being there while I'm at the gym !
  2. Yes, you're right, I will try to find someone to practice with ! Thank you for you're adveice !
  3. Congrats to all of you ! Hope you'll still win !
  4. Hahaaaa, I never combined both of these, you need to be focus while doing both of them haha
  5. I see many adults who played video games while they were kids/teenagers who stopped playing, many people now are watching streams and videos. Nowadays, it's getting more "difficult" to know people who don't play video games, but we all know only a few girls are playing video games, so it seems normal your daughter doesn't like playing
  6. Every 24 hours you have to connect to the app in order to start a new "mining session". In a few months, the Pi community reached more than a million members, even if Pi doesn't have any value, you haven't lost anything, I mean, pressing one button every 24h isn't complicated 🤷‍♂️
  7. If you wanna try other games than mines, you could try blackjack, this is pretty simple to understand and you can win pretty often You can find many tutorials on the Internet
  8. Okay, thank you for answering Hello, I think a lot of people have stopped playing video games but now watch streams and videos, this is cool to know But what was your favorite video game ?
  9. Hello, guys I don't know if you have heard about Pi, Pi is a cryptocurrency available on mobile, if you wanna have more information about this cryptocurrency here is their website : https://minepi.com/ If you guys have anything to tell about this crypto, you can comment on this topic and I hope I'll learn new things (if you wanna earn your own Pi, you'll have to put a referral code, you can use mine : psycked, thanks to those who put my code)
  10. Okay, and since when are you playing video games ?
  11. Hello everyone, I had an idea about a new game that could be added to Stake : my idea is to create a Coinflip game ! Let me explain my suggestion : Player A would create a Coinflip game with a 1 ETH bet Player B could join Player A's game only if Player B has 1 ETH Then, a coin is flipped to determine the winner. Obviously, the bet could be in a different coin or a different amount
  12. Hello everybody, this topic is made in order to get some help... I'm a French guy, and I'm skinny (~6feet for ~120lbs). I don't practice any sports, but I'd like to get started. I've already tried to do a bit of sport (starting with push-ups, abs and other stuff), the problem is I don't find enough motivation to keep practicing, does anyone have some advice to help me keep motivated ?
  13. Hello guys, how long have you been playing videos games ? And what is your favorite game ever ?
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