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  1. Username: Preschita Color: OLIVE
  2. Gambling with friends is really funny not gonna lie had a day were 4 friends of mine where at my home and we were gambling together and actually won decent too it was really really funny gambling alone is cool tho too.
  3. Im keeping it safe in my bank and not touching it for gambling it works really well to be honest haven’t spend anything from there for couple of months now
  4. Yeah pretty much every day example yesterday i lost 3 combo bets in a row cause 1 section was lost would had won 0.6 ETH... It happens to me every day legit cant win a single bet losing 90+3 min etc
  5. For me personally probably i would say 400-700$ cause that’s a good amount to have in your bank you can definitely work with that buy food and stuff anything below i wouldn’t Cashout
  6. Im always hoping for a huge win but also small wins i definitely take of course..
  7. Most likely I’ll play slow with low amount of money cause then i can enjoy gambling more because if i bet high I’ll just rip to quick probably in first 10min
  8. Yes my Family knows it. They think its okay only if i don’t spend to much money tho for it only money i have left over after paying bills and stuff like that :).
  9. It really depends if i got a bit lucky before or just losing bet after bet after bet normally i don’t get mad about losing of course it sucks to lose but that’s gambling. When im in a bad mood tho i do rage a bit but that only maybe like 5min or less then i just try to relax
  10. With 1 Million dollars i would probably chill for a bit from work buy a small House nothing crazy and just enjoy life... i Wouldn’t buy anything expensive just enough to live for the next years the thing i would do tho is buying a Swimming Pool :D... I would also share money with some friends
  11. Hey, i feel you about that one.. it happens to me too and its kinda depressing when you would had won huge but forgot to bet.. but i learn from it and always double check now :)
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