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  1. username: preschita color: green i wish everyone a nice weekend & good luck!
  2. username: Preschita Good luck & I hope everyone gonna have a great weekend! 😁 color: Orange
  3. username: Preschita Color: fawn Have you all guys have a great day & best of luck 😁
  4. Username: Preschita Orange is the color! Good luck
  5. Username: Preschita GL Color: Indigo
  6. Username: Preschita Lucky Color : Violet
  7. im Plat2 rn KYC lvl 2 Verify down -800$ with 3.6k wager only rn 60-70$.
  8. Username: preschita color; smaragdine gl
  9. Username: Preschita Just completed KYC lvl2 aswell! 2x Reward very cool Promotion there Good Luck to everyone
  10. Username: Preschita COLOR: Yellow Good Luck!
  11. VIP lvl: Plat2 Highest Monthly. I think it was 240$. Highest weekly i think 120$ ish it was
  12. 55$ for 2k wager -800$ as PLAT2. I
  13. Username: preschita GL! Color: green
  14. Username; Preschita best of luck COLOR: MAGENTA
  15. Username: Preschita GL Color: white
  16. Happy Birthday! All the best
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