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  1. you are clearly a badass
  2. SLOTS: 17,944,498,534 placed by zakprime on 04/03/2020 Wagered 0.00480000 Multiplier 42.45x Profit 0.19896000 for freaks sake...
  3. ill watch now, cya soon Zakprime(Stake) 108starsofdestiny(twitch)
  4. How about YOU take it easy! iaint taking anything easy if I don't want to.
  5. LOL i agree, i want to win fast, or lose fast. I honestly cant stand that stuff.
  6. I accidentally sent .1 eth to dinabot without knowing what i was doing, can i have that back?



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    2. ChunchunmaruGod


      theyarent respondingimage.thumb.png.3d7b12e5cd85d10468732f7c0cb3da4b.pngimage.thumb.png.b81c817672365d868ca64d9fc1d59f90.png 


    3. lupandina


      They responded. And asked for info, because you didn't provide to them site, where you sent it, or your username, or when it was. Why you didn't attach screenshots to support, but adding it here? 

    4. ChunchunmaruGod


      Thanks Appeciate it :D recived. also, sorry for   being a pain.

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