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  1. Zakprime Was I supposed to say blue? please pick me<3? steve?
  2. aww man, gz to the winners but now im sad
  3. SLOTS: 17,944,498,534 placed by zakprime on 04/03/2020 Wagered 0.00480000 Multiplier 42.45x Profit 0.19896000 for freaks sake...
  4. How about YOU take it easy! iaint taking anything easy if I don't want to.
  5. LOL i agree, i want to win fast, or lose fast. I honestly cant stand that stuff.
  6. not good in the short-run, but I'd buy like crazy. it's too cheap at that price.
  7. dafuq is a repeal form? whateven are we talking about???
  8. I don't expect much new, but i'm excited cus its a new year, and anything can happen in the last minutes before the newyear.
  9. I love the MCU, I love marvel, I dont like DC comics, I despise the Cinimatic universe of DC
  10. Re:zero. Rem is best girl. Also, season 2 is coming out soon.
  11. My absolute favorite Wuxia series right now, I love it, and you should too, also, it's on amazon right now. book 4 comes out in january.
  12. Re:zero is a good one, I even wrote a fanfiction about it about a version of Rem who travels the multiverse with an OC(original character) and yeah, it's really sad that he ended up canceling Hunter X hunter.
  13. The title says it all, I write High-Quality fanfiction, none of that porno crap, its all first person. from the perspective of a guy from the Re:Zero universe being forced to travel the anime multiverse with Rem From Re:zero. (oratleast a version of her who never got enslaved by Roswaal.) Please advise.
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