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  1. not all HYIP pays in the begining... you nid to analyze with site is good or not, research
  2. oh so its really random huh.. so i'm just lucky then.... there is no explanation its just amrketing strategy.. they say 35dollar reload is a daily bonus for platinum account and i should work my way up there to get those special bonuses
  3. nope it has different emails... yeah thats the promotion all about, but the thing is why my silver account didnt get it though? its also not active anymore yap same question, why only my bronze account,... but do you guys recieve some emails like that too?
  4. i dont play much anymore cause i always lose... but last night when i saw the notif in my email, i hurried to email it but when im trying to use it in my silver there is no email..
  5. i ask them but they said they didnt know, they said thats its inthe marketing department,, but i just want to know why only bronze account recieve those and not my silver account
  6. hello guys i have a question so stake has a promotion of 35 dollars reload for 1 week, but the only account that recieve this is my bronze account and my silver didnt get this email.. so is this only happening to me? or is it just like that? tnx
  7. i'm sharing some accounts BUT please DON'T change the password so that everyone can enjoy USER: ballinjoey2332@gmail.com PASS: tehghozt15 USER: destinydotson8@gmail.com PASS: HLMYdfw2 USER: doonith91@gmail.com PASS: deadend1 THANK ME LATER 😁
  8. So posting it in the wrong section means no rewards? Sad life hahaha
  9. Tnx.. but im not really good with words and explanations thats why its short lol
  10. Hello guys? Do you like anime? Let share our favorite anime here mine would be: 1. No game no life 2. The kings avatar 3. Slam dunk 4. One outs 5. Hunterxhunter 6. The promised neverland 7. Attack on titan 8. Yu yu hakusho 9. prince of tennis 10. Major I'd like to here what your favorite anime too
  11. It says satoshi debit cause my content is move? What does it mean?.. is it remove or moved to other section?
  12. Hello guys as i notice today may reward from forum got reduce from 2700+ to 1666, is it normal or bug? How do i check may daily increase or decrease in forum?
  13. Hello guys i know we all love gambling but do you also like to read mangas? Or manhwa? Which do you prefer colored or black and white? And what is is your top 20 manga/manhua/manwha? Hehe . . . I like manwha/manhua because it's colored compare to manga which is black and white cause i understand the image well but i also loce to read manga . . my top 20 1. Solo leveling 2. Tales of demons and gods 3. The last human 4.hardcore leveling 5.one piece 6. Naruto 7. One punch man 8. Hardcore leveling warrior 9
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