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  1. Haha
    AndreB69 got a reaction from bilalgul in Meme   
    Today lost my balance at casino so im sad.. so i thought lets share some of your favorite memes so that we can atleast lessen some stress
    Laughter is the best medicine
    Have a great gambling day guys

  2. Wow
    AndreB69 reacted to PrettyJen in free 35 dollar for 1 week promo   
    good my silver got reload hehe. sad your's did not. ☹️
  3. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Mahdirakib87 in free 35 dollar for 1 week promo   
    There are a lot of inactive accounts at stake which are VIP. As support said it's in the marketing department, they knows it better. But in my opinion I think they give it to you, as an unexpected bonus. Being excited you will tell about it at other places (Ex:: social media) then people will join to stake after hearing this through you. A marketing tools.  Might be I'm properly wrong. Or maybe they wants you to come back at stake. But don't know why they choose your bronze account without the silver one. 
  4. Wow
    AndreB69 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in free 35 dollar for 1 week promo   
    hello guys i have a question
    so stake has a promotion of 35 dollars reload for 1 week, but the only account that recieve this is my bronze account and my silver didnt get this email.. so is this only happening to me? or is it just like that? tnx 
  5. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Thedove in free 35 dollar for 1 week promo   
    Not sure but you just exained me why my reload dissapeared. Goodluck at finding out. I geuss the easiest way is to go to live support. 
  6. Thanks
    AndreB69 got a reaction from Thedove in free 35 dollar for 1 week promo   
    hello guys i have a question
    so stake has a promotion of 35 dollars reload for 1 week, but the only account that recieve this is my bronze account and my silver didnt get this email.. so is this only happening to me? or is it just like that? tnx 
  7. Wow
    AndreB69 reacted to coeghacked in Hilo Bot - Final Released by Madcoin   
    Hello friends,
    This time I want to share a few stories that might help friends here in playing hilo.
    I have the permission from the bot owner, and I am allowed to make this thread. This bot is provided by @madcoin for free.
    If there is someone who wants to sell this bot, you can report it in the comments below.
    1. About Hilo Bot.
    What is Hilo bot ? Hilo bot is a 3rd party programmed bots that created by Madcoin, to make us playing hilo automatically based on your strategy settings in this hilo bot.
    2. Remember. 
    Please remember that we still playing in gambling site, back to your luck. this bot will not make winning, it is just to play more quick than playing manual. 
    3. Virus checkers.
    This results from a total virus scan : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/bc81e959b75c74dcc6644c3692b92df260ee5fbc1502a0339de8b64db8c8b2e4/detection
    Remember to always use 2fa for shared security for all funds security in your account.
    4. Download link.
    Here is the link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vz5q4mm2g792xu/HiLoBot_v2.0.0.0.zip?dl=0
    Best Regards @madcoin  
    Use API token from this link : https://stake.com/settings/tokens
    5. Features and explanation.
    You can play manual or auto betting in Hilo bot Pattern : 
    4 = low odds example started card is 4 bot will pick low 5 = high odds example started card is 4 bot will pick high
    tutorial how to use bot : 
  8. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to dkpiiit953 in Game strategy for high rollers   
    Hello my friends I hope you are well.
    I don't know if there is a different strategy from ours except that he is betting much bigger than us so the winnings are also much bigger which is normal.
    In any case, you have to be solid and be firmly attached to your seat for such a big bet.
    Good luck to all the guys and have a nice day
  9. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to xtinepink in 0.0012 BTC - Happy Valentines Stake   
    Hey everyone! 
    Greeting you all a Happy Valentines day! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 
    We are going to have a very simple game, the moment I appear on chat with the heart ❤️ emoji anywhere in my message all you have to do is response with “Happy Valentines Day Stake” then you will receive 5k satoshis.
    *only 10k sats max per player
    So better be there, see yah!!


  10. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Dp10011 in Casino games   
    My favorite is The Dice, Blackjack and Slot (any one that has a lot of high payout). I don't have a bigger taste list than these three in any casino I play.
  11. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Ayesha0770 in mines   
    5-6 bombs 8-9diamonds and you should check the pattern of every bombs that will make you easy win and don't rage bet when you lose a streak 
  12. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Nenad in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Step Forward!​🍀​|Keno TIER   
    Step Forward!🍀
    Ends: 06/01/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 
    Win a bet on KENO with the highest multiplier you can get.  To be eligible, your multiplier has to be minimum 26x The highest payouts wins, so feel free to edit your bets if you meet the requirements with higher payout. Minimum bet amount:  0.00010000  0.00350000  0.00550000  0.01700000  3.80000000  54.00000000  356.00000000 If you prefer to play with lower bets, you may also participate in our weekly challenge located here: https://forum.stake.com/board/138-challenges/. The VIP challenges are more focused towards players who are looking to try their luck with higher bets. Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least Bronze VIP level) 1 valid entry per household Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made *Note: 
    Prizes will be determined by the highest payouts. The highest payout will take 1st place and so on. In case of a tie, the user with a higher bet amount will be given the advantage. If we have a tie again, then the user who posted/edited their entry first will have the advantage. Prize Pool distribution:
    1st place - 0.07 BTC 2nd place - 0.035 BTC 3rd place - 0.02 BTC 4th place - 0.012 BTC 5th place - 0.008 BTC 6th to 10th place - 0.005 BTC If less than 20 eligible entries: from 11th-20th place, each will get 0.002 BTC If over 20 eligible users: from 11th place onward, eligible users will get a share in 0.03 BTC prize pool **Note: Make sure to engage as many VIP friends as possible for the higher prize pool! 
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below. In case you are not sure how to do this, feel free to contact any of the Support members.)

  13. Wow
    AndreB69 reacted to laron in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Step Forward!​🍀​|Keno TIER   
    KENO: 13,679,812,285
    placed by Laron on 01/01/2020
    0.00010000 Multiplier
    500x Profit
  14. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Sped in Christmas gift   
    Merry Xmas, I just got some presents from my  family and wife, but it was a fun day!
  15. Haha
    AndreB69 got a reaction from Faris in Forum reward bug?   
    So posting it in the wrong section means no rewards? Sad life hahaha
  16. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to linuxerdz in 6 Great F2P Games on Steam   
    Hello guys
    i would like to share with you some great Games you can play for FREE on Steam, Games that makes you enjoy your time without paying a cent.
    These games are totaly free, that's was only their names but you can know more details and what minimum system requirement you should have to play each game just by reading this article : >>> 6 BEST FREE-TO-PLAY STEAM GAMES ON 2019
    Hope u like these games & thanks
  17. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Faris in Forum reward bug?   
    This means that the moderator has moved your topic to the correct section of the forum.  

  18. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to williamshennie9 in Forum reward bug?   
    It is a decay in the rewards to prevent people from abusing the system. Also, put more effort into the quality of your posts, and you'll see the rewards increase quite a bit
  19. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Aazzah in Forum reward bug?   
    Hey, I don't know, the problem may be that you're posting too much in the stake discussion and that where you get rewarded, because some sections of the forum you dont get rewarded... So just try and space it out a little bit
  20. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to TIPPER in Forum reward bug?   
    Andre i experience that but when i checked the forum reward transaction i saw that if the moderator removed your posted topics the reward that you got will be taken back by the forum. Maybe this is what happen to you, just follow the rules and everythings gonna be alright. Good luck
  21. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to Faris in Forum reward bug?   
    The forum does not always pay the same amount. It depends on the section and your activity. If the system detects that you always contribute in the same sections of the forum (those sections that pay) then your rewards for PP will decrease.
    You can check there.

  22. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in No limits at Stake?   
    There are many other establishments that I've visited - each with their own level of limiting options for player accounts at Stake.
    Some of the self-limit options include: 
    Self-limit for a certain time-frame, disallowing login(s) into the account until the time is up. *Very useful in fiat casino(s) when tiding over the waiting time for withdrawals.  
    Self-limit for deposits, preventing the player from depositing more than X amount in X time. *Useful when you still wish to visit the website/participate in events without being tempted to deposit.  
    Self-limit for play-time, preventing players for playing more than X time on entire website, or more than X time on any specific game. There's usually an optional choice of enabling pop-up warnings when play-time is almost up. ------
    I know there are many players out there who can have an ironclad will, or have their own ways to self-limit such rudimentary urges.
    For those players, please share some personal tips on self-limiting.
    For those (like myself) who have issues with self-control, would you guys prefer limiting options to be available at Stake?
  23. Love
    AndreB69 reacted to TIPPER in Result is better than the process..   
    This is based on my observation in stake high rollers and players in chat.
    People will not notice you if you dont have high roller symbol and When you dont tip public. When you have high roller symbol and you tip your friends in public people gonna ask you what u hit, profit, also suggest if you can give them funds so they can play, also ask for some rains and stuff. They all care about the result and not the process. They didnt see the effort and time you use to hit that and the amount of money you depo and get busted. No one will consult you if you bust and they will notice you if you hit something big. If i remember correctly last month someone won 5 LTC and he makes rain so many rains that i no longer counted it. People praise him, also he tipped randomly like if someone praise him hes gonna tip you 0.01 LTC, but when he gets greedy and he all in all hes LTC in dice and get red. The chat goes normal the way it was its like nothing happened and he chat in english channel saying that "busted" people dont comfort him. People just ignore him, thats why the title of this topic is result is better than the process itself. Well i hope you win guys and choose only those people will choose you even though youre not HR or no balance at all.
  24. Thanks
    AndreB69 reacted to mhasandx in Casino games   
    Dice is the most favorite game for me. i am used to dice.. dice has two advantage. it takes less time to for wagering. also you can profit through martingle method on dice. martingle method can be applied to other games also. but dice suits the best
  25. Wow
    AndreB69 reacted to tae40127 in Casino games   
    stake only with honesty cause it the best now  actually i play many site and fly to the casino every month but i stop and still at stake for 2 years already and it save more but lagging  alot  now