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  1. What's up everyone 😁
  2. Hello, @arie1985. You need to have two 7's in the Result. (you have 249,98x so it's incorrect).
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  7. Thank you for your nice hospitality Hello Holland, thank you very much
  8. Hi there @pawelkpl4. Thanks Hope you have great time here! Thanks Dijana. So far I am loving the community and I'm happy to be here. Wish you all the best
  9. Hello @Zamia2001.. Nice meeting you too, and better safe than sorry..
  10. Thank you Tamara Hey man, thanks ! Thank you, I'm happy to be here
  11. Hello, I am your new Community Manager and I'm here to help you resolve any problems you might have. I hope we will have a great time, and I'm looking forward meeting everyone of you. 😊 I'm happy to be here and I hope everyone will enjoy and have fun. ❤
  12. Having fun, posting on forum and reading all the fun stuff people post here.
  13. Happy Birthday! Wish you best of luck .
  14. My dream car is Range rover sports. I prefer the bigger cars.
  15. 16 hours. When I start playing it's hard to stop.
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