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  1. time to buy btc. if its to dents
  2. i think btc price is still going up before to end this year.
  3. its not crazy to think that bitcoin is our future money. because of its trending merge all through out the world. the most volatile flactuating of its value. theres no choice is to hold it for a long time. sometimes other thinking is like a scam. but know you need to study or learn how to use it properly to prevent lost.
  4. as of now the BTc is the most trending crypto currency. although with its volatile type. still this is the most of the time useable in the sense of crypto currency
  5. Gambling is a sickness,is a disease,an addiction, an insanity and is always a loser for a long run👍 GAmbling... a sure way of getting nothing for something😁
  6. cooLetz

    first time

    i could ever know how can i start a discussion in forum.. its almost 4:34am in the philippines still thinking , how can i earn BTc in this application. how can i start ? how can i grew? theres ao many thing come in my mind to stop working with it .. but i know that their have someone to coach me how to start.. and enjoy the next or gambling in this stake.i hope aomeone would help😔🙏🙏 and i know it will work
  7. did you ever try to sell your kidney just for a stake?? Did you ever think that you can withdrew all your lost if you can sell your kidney. is the only things to be a solution to work out your losses in stake.
  8. Did you ever won bacarrat 100x
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