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  1. i have noticed that if I have made some rains some dudes going to add me to friendlist.And first question they ask "Do you have telegram?".What is it with telegram?But others go and dont ever give any money to strangers,better make some rains or withdraw.
  2. Nope,I won't like to teach such to my kids,gambling has never been a thing which we like to teach or share, because it is all based on luck, nothing else,i can't even tell my friends that am a successful gambler.
  3. For me the first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear the word Eddie would be he a is owner of Stake,his really unique,wonderful and a sociable person,kudos to him. Haha,I also love him,his really unique and wonderful, he puts so much focus on how to improve stake good and much fun environment for stakers.
  4. Wow,that's nice, although sorry for the losses,that's gambling for you, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose,and I totally agree with you,it depends on the strategy and luck.
  5. I dont have friends here in this forum. I only greet a few people chat rooms. and memorize a few names. maybe being anonymous is indeed better for me. Wow, lucky you,well am still hoping and wishing to have a good and trusted friend like yours here.
  6. Actually am not ready to race daily or mega race. I mean I will need huge amount of balance if I would race competiting to everyone is really hard mostly people here in stake are rich,and my balance is not enough.
  7. No, I don't think it will help at all ,why would you think the opposite coin if you can see the actual coin while playing? You can only imagine that coin is something that you want but only in your imaginary world
  8. I don't think this a good idea at all l. It's unsafe for stake. players can always run away and even if withdrawals are stopped, they can always create new accounts on new devices and new IPs. It's damn risky.
  9. I don't think there is any specific age to start having sex,but I think at 20 years that's the best time to start having sex, because you will young and strong.
  10. I don't think I can choose for nwk but for now I will choose gambling because I can win someone's 1year salary in a single slip.
  11. I win or lose I dont quit, because only losers, I have fund available I must play because I play gambling for fun and time pass on gambling .
  12. Wow, congratulations on reaching your 1000 posts and looking forward to having that someday😁.
  13. I think my best month on stake, my best and luckiest month was december. I won such money on december 2018. I hope I can make it happen again on next december.
  14. yeah,I think some people need it as they dont trust the people around them. Others have significant (possibly life changing) amounts of money in their account. They should use 2fa on everything.
  15. I think this is a great idea. If i can always try to return the tip I received. Unfortunately only direct tip, I am too poor at rains.