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  1. hey brate, I hope you not mad at me. But honestly, I do not think I did anything wrong. Have a good day and know that I love everyone in the world. Also, I am sorry if my rap lyric is annoying to you in the chat, I wont write it anymore. 

    1. stakestef


      I just really like rap and I get bored in the chat, so I write the lyrics because while I am betting I am listening to that rap. 

    2. stakestef


      I also think that the 1 point you gave me for spamming is unfair.  If that could be removed, great. Thanks

  2. Welcome brate Please step up your poem game.
  3. Hi Darko, does every person win if their bet wins, or not?
  4. Mentality is very important, but I still am not sure if sports betting is a skill or not, therefore I do not know if mentality is betting is like in sports. I think mentality in betting is to keep cool if you lose and follow your plan. Being hot tempered and chasing losses is not good, in my opinion.
  5. Hey, I am new here, looking to make some cash, if you have tips link me.