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  1. depends on bankroll and intention for me: for shorttherm and manual play i usually go for my [5.21x] strat (which can variate in 3 playstyles; double increase for rush [1.05iol 1.05iow / stop on target], partly martingale/negative [1.05iol 0.98dow / stop on target] or wager [1.0124iol 0.94790dow / no target] im also a big fan of casual 99x hunt which i mostly play with a increase between 1.011 - 1.0152 with rather low bb (calculating 1500+) while swapping sites on win 19.8x can be fun aswell of course while goin for 1.06ish iol lets not forget the masterace 291.17647059x [1.0034 -1.003
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