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  1. Yes mate it's still on going until end of february and every treasure hunt challenge is end 3 days I think and the prize will increasing every new treasure hunt. But now I don't have more balance and also the challenge is hard I think it's time to give up on this challenge. By the way here's the link for that treasure hunt challenge.
  2. Sportsbook forum challenge is 1 bitcoin if you win 10/10 parlay but it's very impossible to hit 10/10 parlay on sports betting because you need to choose games before start. I think I can win on that challenge if the game is live.
  3. I will hunting that 600x on keno tomorrow I can hit that without losing I just want to share my strategy guys when you are hunting on that challenges don't focus on the challenges just put how many rolls like 200 and after you didn't on that 200 roll recover your loss on other game and after you recover you back on hunting.
  4. I tried this game before but after I came on crypto I forgot all my online games
  5. I didn't bet on that game cause I don't know how's that game works like scoring or I didn't what kind of them I bet I only bet on soccer,basketball and tennis and other game on sports betting. you only bet on cricket game mate?
  6. WTF why those people spamming there username? As I read on his topic there's no Giveaways and there's no task that you put your username here.
  7. I have a good strategy now that I can win minimum everyday but I need to make a bankroll first I already tried on other coin and I experience 40k bets and didn't bust yet.
  8. Hello Again Stake Forum Community As if you see dose new topic create for VIP challenge is it increasing to 0.2 BTC to 0.25 BTC it's great As last challenge there's a lot of VIP player who join cause it's easy one so the prize is just small to 10th place higher. I think that's the reason why they increase it. What do you think guys?
  9. They have some promotions about valentine's day on Social Media only like tagging someone but they don't have a other than that I think Valentine's day is like a normal day on stake.
  10. Yes everyweek I withdraw free crypto on Other gambling site because they have a VIP program too that they give free coins weekly Last week I withdraw free 10 USDT and I use exchanger here on stake to receive it.
  11. Contact direct to stake support mate they can removed that 2FA but I think you they need some information like Email
  12. The last limbo challenge is really hard I think more than 60 Players only who complete it and I don't think so if those people who missed one challenge is not eligible for the final prize. But I complete the challenge without losses mate I only had small balance too
  13. Hello Again Stake Forum Community We all know that the treasure hunt increasing the prize every challenge also the difficulty increase I really don't know what is the Final Reward of this challenge it's very exciting. and I don't want to missed one treasure hunt challenge. How about you guys did you missed One on the previous challenges and what do you think the Final Reward?
  14. I don't have limit on losses and winnings on I deposit only that I can afford to loss everytime I've never use money that I need I play gambling from free coins sometime's my own money but not to big only $20 below.
  15. There's no any bonus for new users mate
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