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  1. You cant compare them, pd has only one game mode while stake has so many games which makes it more unique.
  2. Ofc primedice for original dice.
  3. Maybe you will enable to "pick" treasures everytime you unravel new map.
  4. Regular dice bet is my all time favorite but I like plinko too.
  5. I would like to see unbelievable chart multiplier and coins dropping at plinko
  6. mgod


    Hi guys. I would like to ask what it takes for a dice site to be included at the dicesites.com/provably-fair and I would like to see stake.com included there even though there's no doubt about stake's fairness. Because some online gambler i knew prefer to play at the sites listed there.
  7. Bababa tatatas ng onti onti pero dahan dahan pa rin tataas yung price in long run sa tingin ko.
  8. Pd pa rin. Pero ang bilis ng roll ng dice dito. Astig!!
  9. Blockchain.info on online wallte but I barely use it. My bitcoins usually stay on my poloniex account.
  10. mgod

    best 21

    Ace and king ftw!!
  11. Hi im mg0d from pd and pdforum. This games on stake.com are goddamn good. I like playing blackjack and plinko, I hope I can deposit soon when my cash comes. Happy gaming to us