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  1. 150 Eos Pure Luck at plinko thats were i got more interested heheh
  2. Rules are rules stakers so always be reminded
  3. Its not yet the end... Try to learn on it.. ok cheer up..
  4. Ripple bec. it was the cheapest at that time $.17 Never expected it but when luck is at your side imposible will be posible hahah.. heheh
  5. AKA: XRP SKILLS: QUICK SEND RECEIVE attack hahahahah.....
  6. Really???... do you wanna know how we feel... The Urged the bloodlust of wanting to stakes to play have fun and top of all the we all want to be winners... I Exitement cause ate the back of my head im anxious or rather eager to try my strategic settings plan for KENO DICE and MINES.. hahaha A mixture of emotions excitement, worries, to see your loose proof strategic settings put to work and if it will work the way i picture it Greed comes out from with in.. the agony, pain and Insanity of waiting... the longest waiting time ever.. So from this day fourth I stakers/hi rollers will voice out loudly to Stake that if youll do your downtime again STAKE in such a crucial time like this.....Please STAKE it should always be associated with a WAITIME BONUS EMAIL.. Atleast give us something we can look forward to okay.. And when this tragic situation was finaly over.. I fought bravely and found myself sinking on despair injust 5 minutes I lost the batle... sad really.. and yet i still gain.. I gain friends and brothers and even strangers who are really willing give to lend and to support a Rain showered me and I was overwhelmed of left and right tips tips was everywhere on the chatrooms.. At that moment i smiled and felt like i will never loose again.. Thankyou STAKE and GOODLUCK TO ALL end... GHAELRAVEN(",)
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