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  1. Nah, it's not going to happen, that's the problem with gambling and so many options to gamble on, You always have something to put your money on and usually this way it doesn't go well either if you just keep on...
  2. None of them are the the top choice for me, but between these two xrp is a safer one to use as a main currency to gamble and such, trx recently has been acting very poorly specially in marketing department, so I'm not sure about their future and what it brings.
  3. ZedX

    Gambling or job.

    Gambling by it's form is not a job no matter how you look at it, because on gambling you either lose or win and you don't have any control over the result by any mean, so better to just stick to a job that comes with a salary which is guaranteed and you can count on that.
  4. Generally higher cap alts have better chance of success or atleast not going to almost zero, Ethereum in my opinion has the best chance between all other high cap altcoins, because Ethereum is getting updated constantly by the team and it is already 2nd on market cap .
  5. XRP not going to moon or anything even close to that because of huge supply, you can't compare xrp with 43b circulating supply to btc with only 18m supply in circulation, plus btc is the first and oldest cryptocurrency which adds to its value, the highest price you can hope for ripple is something like 8-10$ if their team does a really great job in the future and that's it.
  6. For me it was like 0.2-0.3 about a year ago, now I'm usually buying a small amount here and there for buying stuff and such online, will be looking forward to a great entry price for btc and some other high cap altcoins tough.
  7. I'm waiting for bitcoin to atleast go down to 5-6k range which I believe will happen, it's just a matter of time really, buying btc at 5k or less has a good r/r and you can average down your buys from 5k if it goes lower so you can have a better average entry position.
  8. I wouldn't go that far to say bitcoin is overvalued, people paying more than the price of btc for things that are way less usefull than btc, specially when you think there's only going to be 21m bitcoin available around the world.
  9. I also think btc price won't even get close to that number, the highest price for btc I can see is 50k whether it's 2020 or 2040, people forget that how much money needs to enter btc market in order for btc to reach those big numbers...
  10. I expect btc price to go as low as 6.2-6.5 by the end of this year, and probably recover after 2-3 month and go for something like 8.8-8.9, although since most people are getting extra bearish and don't expect btc to go for 10k again there's a good chance we will be seeing another quick spike up 2-3 month after new year...
  11. Not a single person can predict bitcoin or any other asset and know whether it's going down or up, only market movers know that, so better not to ask other people and stick to whatever you're thinking, atleast that way if you lose money you followed yourself instead of some random user...
  12. If you're getting worried over these bitcoin price changes you're most probably over invested, you should only put the amount of money into this that wouldn't have a considerable change in your life even if btc goes straight to zero...
  13. I personally think people should have the option to study blockchain if they want to, as long as blockchain keeps existing and being used by some companies and institutes more and more universities going to offer blockchain education, probably in next 10 years or so we will be seeing more of this around the world.
  14. There's not much left to end of the year, I'm thinking btc will be around 6.2-6.5k by the end of this year, of course I wouldn't mind +8k btc but don't think that's going to happen this year atleast.
  15. Only the real btc market movers can tell whether bitcoin reaches certain price or not, anyone else that claims to know when btc is going to hit a specific price should be ignored, truth is you should put as much money on btc or any cryptocurrency as you're willing to lose because nobody really knows what happens to crypto in the future