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  1. Not bad, but I'm not a fan of this kind of music
  2. Хех. Просто напишите:"Смотреть бесплатно онлайн игру престолов". У вас будет много сайтов с бесплатным просмотром
  3. МORGENSHTERN - Танцуй MORGENSHTERN - Guerra MORGENSHTERN - Новый Мерин Imagine Dragons - Demons
  4. Спасибо, я посмотрю его как-нибудь
  5. I don't know much about cars, but I like one brand of car that my family used to drive. This is DACIA.
  6. I use different sites. For example I write: "download the series "Game of Thrones" and there are many sites
  7. Bro, this is really cool. This music makes you want to smile, play sports or cook. Keep it up
  8. Hmm, Hobbies are interesting. I like to create songs. I also like to draw portraits of people. I recently started learning how to cook. This adds bright colors to my life
  9. I wouldn't believe it. And then I would fulfill my dream or invest in a future business. That's cool
  10. Hmm, I was just looking for a movie to watch. I hope this movie is interesting
  11. Хм, я сейчас послушаю. Я думаю, что это будет что-то хорошее
  12. No, I don't listen to K-Pop. But I know that there are two girls in my school who are madly in love with BTS. They even created YouTube channels on this topic
  13. "Revolutionary Road". The action of the film takes place in the mid-50s, the main characters are members of a small provincial family. Frank and April Wheeler consider themselves a middle-class family, unlike other families, and have a great desire to move to Paris. However, fate has prepared a number of unpleasant surprises for the couple… I highly recommend watching this movie
  14. MORGENSHTERN - Танцуй MORGENSHTERN - Turn it on Imagine Dragons - Demons
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