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  1. I have been an expatriates for almost 13 years now. I am taking my vacation every year, every month of March to be exact. With or with out enough budget on my vacation, there is nothing more really better than with your love ones. But for me being an expat, that whole one month is just a fantasy, a dream, a wonderland full of happiness with my wife, son, family, friends and relatives. After that, when your vacation is done and you'll have to come back, everything goes back to reality. The reality of life, I have to leave them all over again and face my responsibility for them. I hurts me so bad leaving them. It crushes my heart! All I could do is to cry just to ease off that heavy feelings I feel inside of me. But then again this is life, this is for my family's future, I have to get over this bad feeling and move on. Thanks to God for giving me the strength I have asked to get on.
  2. nothing, cause I don't know any games you gus are playing. But someday I know i will learn how to play it.
  3. ning, she was my child hood sweetheart and my first love.
  4. It's Valentine season! Most lovers has plans on how they will celebrate Valentine's day. Some will go out and have their dinner in some fancy restaurants and some will just stay at home with simple celebration while listening to their favorite love song. Do you have that particular love song in your mind? Well, do you know a love song that has the word "Love" on it? Here's a great example just for all of you from Roxette. Enjoy!
  5. My heart welcomes you back old friend..
  6. Isn't it the sweetest thing? she looks so excited lol! I don't know but it looks like a female cat for me.
  7. Some people love cats as their pets, while the others love dogs. Since I was I child, there has always been cats and dogs owned by my family and certainly there's a big difference between two domestic animals aside from being cutie. Now which one would you prefer as your pet, cats or dogs?
  8. @Viksen thanks for appreciating these songs! I love that English Christmas song too.
  9. So let us all participate in every discussions and hopefully will learn and then earn
  10. It doesn't matter, Christmas could always be in our minds and hearts
  11. Gosh I don't wanna be on that subway before or after midnight with that clown!
  12. @Bojana absolutely, me too. I get scared of clowns sometimes. We'll never know what's behind that smile on their faces
  13. Welcome to Stake! Good luck too
  14. Bruno Mars' Versace on the floor.