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  1. My heart welcomes you back old friend..
  2. Isn't it the sweetest thing? she looks so excited lol! I don't know but it looks like a female cat for me.
  3. Some people love cats as their pets, while the others love dogs. Since I was I child, there has always been cats and dogs owned by my family and certainly there's a big difference between two domestic animals aside from being cutie. Now which one would you prefer as your pet, cats or dogs?
  4. Bruno Mars' Versace on the floor.
  5. Right now, I am watching Philippine television prime time series. This has been my daily routine to ease my boredom and homesickness. Feels like home while watching these series.
  6. Ever since, I am an avid reader of encyclopedias. I've always loved reading histories of different countries, their customs, traditions, currencies, languages,capital cities, their looks, complexions, religions and most of everything about them. I find it too interesting to understand their historical back grounds. But of course I am very much more interested in learning my own country by reading from encyclopedias and wikipedia.
  7. I am watching videos of world wrestling entertainment, videos of current Monday night raw and smack down live. I just don't know? I have been an avid fan of WWE since 2010 when my son was totally a fanatic of it. I remember I was the one just watching him grew up watching wrestling. I never knew I would also become hooked with it even though for a fact that it was just running a story line. As for my son, he seldom watch it anymore, he's grown up.
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