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  1. I understand you completely. Well said. Crypto is not ready for the large World stage, yet atleast. But as a smaller niche of finance and applications, crypto will stay. And as such it offers benefits for many.
  2. Hi everyone. The third part of our Blockchain Lycaeum series is recently published. The two previous installments are on Medium and Steemit aswell. They are about Ethereum wallets and Cexes and Dexes. You are welcomed to read and please leave your views. Thanks. https://medium.com/@kingmidasgold/king-midas-blockchain-lycaeum-part-3-non-fungible-tokens-what-the-heck-are-those-7a4c2b3381f7
  3. Hi everyone. The third part of our Blockchain Lycaeum series is recently published. You are welcomed to read it and tell how you didn't or liked it. https://medium.com/@kingmidasgold/king-midas-blockchain-lycaeum-part-3-non-fungible-tokens-what-the-heck-are-those-7a4c2b3381f7
  4. Round 2 is closed. Ann. threat here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/31020-introduction-midas-gold-mdg/
  5. Introducing Midas Gold (MDG) ! Collector card nr;1 Avatar tech, Numerology research among disciplines Contract address: https://ethplorer.io/address/0xd8fcab3cb8c766ea1ae85c624c650588958f9666 * Good Fortune For EveryOne Worthy * * And Splendid Year of the Vision 2020 * * Escape the Labyrinth * King Midas https://twitter.com/Reino21805339 t.me/cryptomidasgold https://medium.com/@kingmidasgold https://steemit.com/@midasgold
  6. This is giveaway round 2/5. All that is needed is a Twitter account and to leave EthErEuM address to receive (MDG). Midas Gold official preAnnouncement will be posted on Steemit platform.
  7. VELLUM B: ****************************************************************************** MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD MIDASGOLD ****************************************************************************** 😹 There exists an opportunity open for everyone! 😹 MIDAS GOLD (MDG) is a token on the Ethereum blockchain currently under development. an erc-20 token. Limited round 2. disbursemont -Xmas Edition. (before 2020) Limited time only. Sign on Twitter to Join ,Check the pinned message & leave ETH-address. Twitter : Crypto Midas Gold /Reino21805339 https://twitter.com/Reino21805339/status/1200593085861945350 t.me/cryptomidasgold Well Fortune for All! 👑 😹 * Escape The Labyrinth * 😹 👑 ********************************************************************************* MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG MDG ********************************************************************************* all rights reserved are, no promises all resemblances of any kind are coincidental in nature any kind (unkind) of attempts to misuse any of what is written will be highly scrutinized and dealt accordingly, ie selective nondispursemont.
  8. Hi! I also just arrvide. Good Fortunes All! 😹