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  1. If I won a lot of money, I'd buy my parents a fire truck for Christmas
  2. During Christmas, I want to put the biggest bet of my life, and I wish you to spend Christmas very well
  3. Я надеюсь, что это будет добавлено в следующем обновлении
  4. I hope this will be added in the next update
  5. Thank you very much for doing such a job for us and finding so much new information
  6. Hi, thanks for such a good question, I have very few tickets, as I can not win back on them
  7. Sometimes on the site it happens and some modes do not give profit, I had this more than once and each of them I came out in the negative
  8. For me, the work of the rain robot remains a mystery, since I do not understand its meaning
  9. Hello everyone, hope you are happy. I have long wanted to ask what game tactics do you use in dice games😁😁😁
  10. I think at the moment it is not profitable to buy it from the market, since now a sharp decline and a sharp rise in prices are very rare
  11. I hope Bitcoin does not fall in price, I wish everyone a big profit from cryptocurrency
  12. I would develop some tactics and play in the same mode, I think I'm lucky
  13. A few months ago I had 0.098 bitcoins, but I could not get a plus
  14. Hello dear friend, glad to meet you on our favorite site
  15. I play on this site because there are many game modes and they can be easily changed