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  1. AlGoreRhythm

    Favorite Game on Playstation?

    Devil Dice - puzzle
  2. AlGoreRhythm

    Anyone excited to play poker on stake?

    I think the best format would be various starting blind levels/buy in amounts of sit & go tournament style poker. I used to play the smaller buy in tourneys around town but all the casinos have adopted this horrible practice of 'unlimited rebuys' for the first hour. Seriously, not one casino offers a tourney without this option (maybe the expensive ones do, I dunno) So that's it - I suggest single table sit & go tournament style games with the 'host' choosing any options (buy in amount, starting chips, starting blinds and round times)
  3. AlGoreRhythm

    ATM'S will soon be released

    Where have you been? There's about three dozen crypto ATMs in Las Vegas. Get with the times
  4. I've spent the last hour trying to figure out the format of what I'm trying to find,........there's more than one,.....uh oh
  5. AlGoreRhythm

    Suggestions on how to gamble professionally

    You neglected bankroll management. I'm not really talking about session bankroll but lifetime bankroll.
  6. AlGoreRhythm

    Borderline scam?

    Katarina is funny. The Provably fair system is basically telling you the software works properly,...that's it. All that the work that is checked comes AFTER the hashing, right? Well, what if the software limits/restricts the the outcomes (say, no HUGE wins) BEFORE the hashing? what then? In your dealer with the deck of cards analogy, you are given an incomplete deck to cut. I cannot prove ANY of this. I apply common sense and watch/observe a LOT.
  7. HILO: 789,216,587 placed by AlGoreRhythm on 14/09/2018 Wagered 0.00001200 Multiplier 17.2582x Profit 0.00019510
  8. AlGoreRhythm

    High win Keno Risk

    I may have to rethink my whole keno approach
  9. AlGoreRhythm

    No litoshi in challenges ?

    Yes, I fully agree,.....Litecoin giveaways everywhere
  10. AlGoreRhythm

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    LTC by far is the preferred crypto. I used to mine it and has cheap fees that I turned to when big daddy bitcoin got too big for its britches and the fee rose to $20 a transaction. I seriously doubt Satoshi Nakamoto had that in mind when he created bitcoin. I think Dash is better but it hasn't caught on with the masses,.....I have no clue why that is.
  11. AlGoreRhythm

    2018 strategies chartbet

    Why is this game even played at all. I don't get it.
  12. AlGoreRhythm

    How many times you got muted ?

    No way! Bigmann23 was muted?? I find that hard to believe (I still need a sarcasm font)
  13. AlGoreRhythm

    My Current Strategy on Dice

    I find it is best to constantly change the strategy used,....I shall add this one to the collection. Thanks
  14. AlGoreRhythm

    High win Keno Risk

    I question the veracity of your claim. How do you know 17 & 21 are the most frequent numbers?
  15. AlGoreRhythm

    Show me your affiliate earnings

    Still new to posting,.....lemme see if I can figure this out