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  1. Ngopi sih, biar ga gampang ngantuk juga sambil bermain stake. Kalau teh bawaanya agak ngantuk
  2. Makan mie goreng biar perut kenyang
  3. Jualan PO makanan, coba dropshipping gan.
  4. @JacksonPalmer don’t forget to watch dortmund and PSG too bro! It’s gonna be an epic match either!
  5. Correction : H2H Arsenal v Newcastle (09/15/18) Newcastle 1 - 2 Arsenal
  6. @MonkeySyrup yep he is, this is the detail of who is joining the west and east reserves. Not, the detail of which one joining either team lebron or team giannis. @MonkeySyrup The additional information about team Lebron and team Giannis has been added, thanks!
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