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  1. Lorris007


    I have spent more than 1500 hours in Overwatch
  2. I make about 5000 steps a day and feel so good. But with this quarantine, I only train at home and lay on the bed. Thank god there exist Instagram trainers that make online sessions for those who stay at home but still want to maintain their health and muscle mass. I am trying right now to get rid of the body fat that I gained due to sitting at home. I di HIIT workouts and eat healthily. I have also read an article about fat burners https://www.docarzt.com/instant-knockout-review/ and am thinking about ordering a bottle of these.
  3. Lorris007

    Plinko during sex

    Well, gambling and sex start the secretion of happiness hormone dopamine both, so it is not very surprising that they have a very close connection. That means that one part of the brain makes is responsible for sex and gambling addiction. and we are addicted to sex. I can also add here drug addiction. many people lose their addiction when they lose the sex drive. And they use viagra https://farmaciamaschile.it/ to have sex and stop playing casino.
  4. I would also choose sex. Because it is the best thing in my opinion which exists at earth. Our main job is to make kids, to reproduce, so out the brain and nervous system gives us a very big present when we have sex, it secretes the hormone of happiness called dopamine, and we feel great during the sex. I have lost the biggest present of god because I have had a very bad lifestyle and the thing that helps me now to feel great again is levitra https://oesterreichischeapotheke.com/levitra-kaufen-oesterreich/ which I use to have sex and to get an erection.
  5. This is a wonderful feeling, unforgettable feelings, and emotions. In my best years, I did this almost every 5 hours. But the years take their toll and now I'm 56 years old and I sometimes use "Cialis". This thing often helps me out in awkward situations and allows me to be confident with girls and women. The drug shows itself perfectly and allows you to show me in my best qualities. For those who also are interested in these, I leave a link https://espanolcialis.net/comprar-cialis-generico/.
  6. That is a job I have always wanted. I would work everyday and I would be a milionare with this work. I really want to start immediatly because I am a very big fan of porno. i am watching it everyday and mnay types. Sometimes I touch myself, sometimes no. But I am I want this job. Now my favorite one is https://nonudesgirls.com/category/alex-arabella/ but I am ready for something new.
  7. You probably won't believe me but I actually love pink color, so it's not awkward to wear something pink whether tutu or a hoodie or a shirt. A short time ago my girlfriend got a hoodie which she found on a women's fashion store. And she ordered a very big size and didn't want to wear it. So one evening we went walking and everyone was looking at me like: "are you a gay" even though I was with my girlfriend, lol) But I don't care, so I still wear it. Nice quality and warm, so why not?) By the way found here https://www.lilylulufashion.com/puff-sleeves the hoodie.
  8. Hello everyone. Squirting is real. It's very strange and hard to explain, but it's really happening sometimes. However, it all depends on the certain woman and her sensitivity. My actual girlfriend was not sensitive at all, and it was very complicated to make her achieve an orgasm. She wasn't getting a lot of pleasure from the sexual intercourse in general, and we decided to fix it somehow. We have found a female orgasm increasing procedure from **** and my girlfriend decided to try it. It's an injection, which is commonly called "The O-Shot". After this procedure our sexual life has changed a lot. It's very easy to achieve an orgasm for her, and she is squirting pretty often. I have no idea what liquid it is, but she gets a lot of pleasure.
  9. Pretty interesting game. It's always nice to play games and to earn money at the same time. I am personally playing Diablo 2, which is a wonderful, interesting game, and after that I am selling my items online. You can buy diablo 2 items on https://www.d2king.com. You can find any kind of diablo 2 items on that site, and they are really cheap and effective. It's going to make you character much stronger, and the game will be even more interesting. Enjoy!