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  1. Wagger min 1k$ per week for no vip and no wagger for every vip is good idea
  2. Eddie? Is one of the best people famous of the world, every time i send im a message he gave me an answer what famous people do this?
  3. titielgozo Gl for everyone in this race
  4. titielgozo A good race to everyone!!
  5. titielgozo Good Luck for everyone Who gonna try the race
  6. To ask I would need a concept so that I can set up a beta or he can see if he is interested
  7. Hello everyone, Stake having their original games for a long time, I would be looking for a game concept that could be funny in order to create a program and why not submit it to Eddie for a new release after the diamonds if I'm not wrong
  8. titielgozo hope all people win into the race
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