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  1. HILO: 30,751,344,380 placed by titielgozo on 02/11/2020 Wagered 0.00007406 Multiplier 9.36189x Profit 0.00061928
  2. 13 : casino:29145514612 33 : casino:29145516260
  3. My stake username is titielgozo I surrely spend 3 or 4 hours during everyday on stake Moderato consist to do moderation for every people on the chat, is helped for people to get along I have been muted 1 or 2 times No
  4. The new update have revolutionize stake with 500 slots and some casino lives but for me stake can be better with the play'n go slot machine
  5. If you have wagger below 10k $ the casino does not make a profit and the goal of all casino it's making profit , I already find that stake gives back a lot on their profits every week around $100k if the no ranks are added this price would increase very quickly and people would start to have multiple no rank accounts to take advantage of the bonuses.
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