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  1. Love
    titielgozo reacted to JEEPERS0029 in Applications for French moderator   
    1-my nickname is JEEPERS0029
    2- I generally spend 24 hours a day on stake but I am present most of the time between 10 and 24 hours depending on the time but I am present a lot.
    3- The moderator's job is to apply the order when necessary and keep a constant eye on the chat so that everyone can play and talk as quietly as possible to have a smooth and correct chat while keeping a good mood and make trivias or other kind of fun games from time to time to animate the chat as well as possible and keep a joyful atmosphere as much as possible but remaining impartial and not abusing its function.
    4- in fact I wish to become a moderator but in the event that there would be another one because I vote for elsuzette it is more competent at the moment to put the chat on the path of tranquility! but if there is another moderator to have I am candidate and very motivated.
    5- it seems to me that I was muted 24 hours ago for a misunderstanding with the moderator of the time on the English chat otherwise I do not remember.
    6- I was moderator on exchange sites and resell on FB but I stopped because I prefer to be on stake!
    So here it is in the end as said above I do not apply for the current job I vote for elsuzette it's the best for this job but I am candidate if you need another one. thank you and good continuation to you!
    bye 🍀
  2. Love
    titielgozo got a reaction from limbowhore in Applications for French moderator   
    My stake username is titielgozo
    I surrely spend 3 or 4 hours during everyday on stake
    Moderato consist to do moderation for every people on the chat, is helped for people to get along 
    I have been muted 1 or 2 times 
  3. Haha
    titielgozo got a reaction from lideralex in Best stake casino game   
    All game have the same minimum bet : 0.00000001 of all cryptos and for the lowest marge the blackjack as the big winner ;D
  4. Thanks
    titielgozo got a reaction from Mwangi in Daniel Sturridge Ban   
    wow whaat is this
  5. Payday
    titielgozo got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Ignore function vs. friend requests   
    Yes it's a really good idea because some people try to beg you when you have money
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