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  1. @Dan I noticed the house edge has been changed from .48% to .5% but as far as I can tell the rules haven't changed so it should be .58%. Any comments?
  2. I work in the gambling industry, @Shekhar1992GL. I'm very familiar with these calculations 😄. Anyway, I don't see how me not gambling huge amounts makes my arguments less valid. I encourage you to go through the maths. Just for the record, I'm not the first one suggesting the house edge is wrong but it seems I'm the first one showing how it should be calculated. Here's another post:
  3. No, it's not. They are unfairly advertising a lower one. I actually opened a ticket a week ago: But they don't seem to care, nobody replied to my emails. But in short, that calculator is made with all combinations of cards that can make up each total but the assumption when using infinite decks is that the cards you have do not affect your chances. Their real house edge is .57%. I posted a couple videos explaining how to calculate it for infinite decks (made by the same person who made the calculator they used) but I don't think anybody took the time to go through everything.
  4. Yeah, I feel you. The only reason I did more research is that I had the rules for a .48% in the back of my mind. So the moment I was playing and wasn't offered surrender I knew something was off 😄
  5. @Dan, what do you mean you configured it?. It's made for a infinite deck only. You'd need to make one for a finite number of decks, the maths are different. The assumption when using infinite decks is that the cards you have do not affect your chances, however when considering 8 decks or less then your cards do have an influence. For instance, with a single deck you stand on 7-7 vs 10 because there are now only two 7s left in the deck, reducing your chances of getting 21 and reducing the chances the dealer has 17. So the same type of tables using finite decks would require all combinations of
  6. No, I agree 100% on what your calculator says - the calculation is correct. What I'm saying is that it doesn't stand for an infinite deck, the calculation is different (use the video as a reference). Here's the first part:
  7. @Dan, it's not that simple. Please watch this video: It was made by the same person who made the calculator.
  8. @Dan, I'm not sure I understand your question. We can't use that calculator as a reference, unless the game had 8 decks. Here's my updated spreadsheed (for an infinite deck and all stake's rules) so that you can see where the .57% comes from: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT5Z0fiezIms05v4vOuQjFjabFqzG4woYwhCFJ8xtwJqBzC8N71ron6Axq9j-dtKg/pubhtml
  9. @Dan. You are right on that, I don't agree. The calculation shown in your screenshot is invalid because 8 != ∞. This is how you calculate the house edge on an infinite deck: (made by the same guy who made that calculator). He considers surrender, however. Once you don't, you obtain the .57%, which is the real house edge Stake has. Just to be clear, the number of decks of cards affects the house edge. You can't just take the calculation made for 8 decks and assume it's the same for an infinite deck.
  10. @Dan, the calculator you are using (https://wizardofodds.com/games/blackjack/calculator/) considers a finite number of decks (8 in your screenshot) and the maths are not the same with an infinite deck. If that's were the .48% was taken from, it is wrong. If you refer to the infinite deck video I posted and change it so that surrender is not allowed, you will end up with .57%.
  11. Hi, I contacted support a while ago asking for the maths behind the .48% house edge and I was told it was based on wizardofodds' calculation, which can be found here: Wizard's house edge calculation And the spreadsheet file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2R98Qfvr8GldVlUZVJFeHVLZ1U/edit I came up with the same number myself so didn't give it a second thought. But today, while playing, I realized surrender is not allowed and that changes everything. The house edge you are advertising stands for the following rules: - Infinite decks - Insurance is an optiona
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